December 2008 – A Time for Review


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we approach the end of this pivotal year in the affairs of human beings on Earth. We spoke last January about the significance of the new nine-year cycle beginning in 2008. Now that the year is almost at an end, we ask you to take some time to review the events that were prominent for you during these twelve months.

The first year of any cycle establishes the theme for what will follow. Therefore, it is important to identify the situations that held significance for you during this past year. We know that most people do not think in these terms. In fact, the common approach to life is to move forward with very little reflection or awareness concerning the underlying patterns occurring in one’s life.

For this reason, we ask you to set aside a period for quiet concentration and attunement to your soul essence within. Start with January and visualize what your life was like during that month. Continue reviewing each succeeding month until you reach the present day. Then select the experiences that repeated themselves for you throughout the year.

If I were to ask you now what the prominent issues were for you during 2008, could you recognize them clearly and concisely? If you are able to do so, you have identified the themes or pattern for the nine-year cycle that began in January. We do not mean to imply that these issues are the only ones that will unfold in the years ahead, but they will form the backdrop for events yet to occur.

Let us consider an example, so that you can understand at a deeper level the spiritual exercise we have asked you to perform. If a serious health issue surfaced for you during the last eleven months, it may be a situation that will require much time, energy and resources to deal with. If you are a person who is willing to go within to ascertain the root of the imbalance creating the illness, a greater understanding will emerge over time about yourself and the manner in which you live your life.

After this realization is reached, if your path is to achieve good health, you will initiate new approaches to living that are more in harmony with your life’s purpose. Most physical illnesses arise from imbalances caused by straying from the soul’s intent for the current lifetime. Much awareness is gained from experiencing problems with health. Major changes modifying the situation can occur once one realizes the degree to which he or she has created the problem and therefore can solve it.

As this nine-year cycle progresses, it will be evident how 2008 established the template for all that has followed. This is why it is important to reflect upon the key issues that have appeared in 2008, so you can recognize them as life lessons contributing to your soul growth. One of the advancements in human evolution will be people’s ability to recognize the cycles in their lives and use them to expand consciousness.

The current life cycle for those living on Earth is one of great significance. During these nine years, humanity will begin to experience a shift of major proportions. By the end of 2016, life as you know it will be greatly altered. The most significant change will be evident in the way people perceive themselves and their world.

Many will begin to believe in the futility of conflict, strife and war. The desire for peace and harmony will become stronger, as the seeds for a better world start to sprout. As gardeners know, time and patience are required to produce a new garden. After planting, there is a span of time where it appears that no growth is occurring. However, this period of quiet germination is integral to the process of providing a bountiful yield.

The seeds for a new world are starting to push their heads above ground. The current nine years, starting in 2008, will be viewed in the future as the time in which the inhabitants of Earth began a step forward in humanity’s evolution. The major development will occur within, as more and more people connect with the soul essence accessed through meditation, quiet reflection and prayer.

This shift to inner wisdom will start to affect the actions people perform in the outer world. As the ability to love and care for all forms of life grows, people’s perceptions of themselves and their world will start to change. The desire for peace and unity will grow slowly. The catalyst for this more advanced way of thinking is initiated when people begin to see themselves and their lives within a broader spiritual context.

To assist this process, it is helpful to recognize that one lives within ever greater cycles of existence. Each cycle raises a soul up the spiral of life. When one progresses through a cycle with full awareness as to its significance, the time spent within the cycle becomes an adventure in spiritual growth. So we encourage you to end the year 2008 with the awareness of the themes this nine-year cycle holds for you. If you can do this, you will truly be the master or mistress of your own destiny!