December 2007 – Earth’s Completion of a Nine Year Cycle


We welcome you, our dear friends. Let us join together to usher out this year of 2007 and prepare for the coming year of 2008. 2007 has been a time of completion – one in which a nine year cycle was brought to a close for all people living on the planet. 2008 will begin a new nine year cycle that that will end in 2016. We have spoken often about the significance of cycles in the affairs of humans on the Earth plane.

All life forms in the many universes of time and space exist within a series of ever widening and complex cycles, which swirl and unfold in a beautiful pattern of creation. As each cycle ends and a new one begins, the same energies appear and reappear in a measured order that continues a spiral-like motion moving the soul ever forward on its journey.

The earliest peoples on Earth understood the significance of cycles and incorporated this knowledge into their lives at all levels. They tapped into the energy emanating at any given point within a cycle and used it to enhance their lives in a wide variety of ways. For a great span of time, this knowledge has been lost and submerged deep within the collective unconscious of humanity.

It is now time for the awareness of cycles to reappear at a conscious level so that incarnating souls can utilize the spiritual vibrations streaming throughout their world impacting them on a continuous basis. It is also time to see oneself living within a unified field containing many different levels of existence on a multiplicity of dimensions and planes.

This great shift in consciousness can be compared to the dawning realization that Earth was round instead of flat and that the planet circled around the sun instead of the sun moving around Earth. This change in awareness caused a profound shift in the manner in which people saw themselves and their world.

Humanity is at another such crucial step up the spiral of life. In the coming centuries, more and more inhabitants of Earth will come to know that they live in a complex world of seen and unseen realities. Courageous pioneers will explore the dimensions of inner and outer space bringing back the proof that your universe is teeming with many diverse life forms all moving within the energetic force field of the Creator.

Incarnating souls on Earth are just beginning this process of awareness and exploration. We ask that you step out of the box of third dimensional reality and open yourselves to the possibility that there is much more to your world than you can ever imagine. You can start this process by recognizing the cyclic aspect of your existence.

December in the northern hemispheres is a time of deep quiet and silence. In the southern hemispheres, July provides that same energetic matrix. For those of you living in the northern realms, we ask that you take time to experience the power of silence. Try to attune to the space between your thoughts where the deepest connection with spirit can occur.

Go back to 1999 when this current nine year cycle began. Reflect upon where you were and what was unfolding in your life at that time. Mentally walk through the past nine years in sequence. Visualize what was occurring for you with all its many twists and turns. Can you begin to discern that these past nine years contained a theme or series of issues that were significant? Were there important experiences and life lessons that you were working on during this cycle?

And have you been able to reach completion or closure of any of them during this time? If you are able to answer these questions in the affirmative, then you have been moving positively within the energy field of this nine year cycle. Now can you develop an idea that encapsulates the essence of what you have experienced and learned?

For each cycle is like a chapter in the book of life. We ask that you begin to think of your life as a manuscript containing the account of who you are and where you have been going on your spiritual journey. See 2008 as the beginning of a new chapter that will unfold within the next nine years. Take quiet time to form any intent that you would like to project into the coming years.

By doing this, you will be steering a conscious course, which at the same time will contain many unknown experiences that have not yet appeared. Give thanks for the lessons learned during these past nine years and face with anticipation this new level of adventure that is beginning in your life.

Recognize the importance of the reoccurring nine year cycle. Draw upon it and try to identify the different spiritual vibration that each year within this cycle will hold and use it in a conscious and deliberate way. See yourself in a unified field of ever widening concentric waves of existence that are connected at a basic energetic level. As we have said before “We are all One dancing in the fields of the Holy Spirit to reach the Highest Good.”