December 2006 – Become Bringers of Light


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we come to the end of the year 2006. It has been a year typified by the consolidation of powerful opposing forces throughout your planet. Political positions have strengthened and solidified bringing increased warfare and strife to far-flung areas of Earth. Ideological rigidity has become the order of the day for many individuals, political blocs and countries.

It must appear that humanity is moving away from the goal of peace and harmony long desired by so many. We would like to assure our readers that nothing could be farther from the truth. We exist at a somewhat removed vantage point from your planet and with a broader view can observe the events and forces that are coalescing all over Earth. We can see clearly the emission of light, which is growing ever so slowly but surely in every crack and crevice of the globe.

Molecules of light emerge whenever a corresponding degree of negativity or darkness is removed from any individual or place. If all creation were reduced down to its fundamental core of existence, there would be only two realities – light and darkness. Any view into the depths of the universe vividly presents this truth. Ultimately, the constant ebb and flow throughout the many universes of time and space consists of the duality between light and dark.

Why is this concept important to understand now at the ending of the year 2006? It has great significance because it is time for you to see clearly who you are and why you are living on Earth at this point in time. You were chosen to come to this beautiful blue-green planet to take part in a divine experiment that is an integral part of your soul’s journey. You are participating in humanity’s great step forward on its evolutionary spiral. An expansion of consciousness is about to occur that will catapult incarnating souls into an entirely new way of life – one that emits a higher voltage of light force onto the planet and into your solar system.

What is it that will bring about this greater emission of light? It really is so simple. Every time a loving word, deed or action occurs, molecules of light are released into the surrounding atmosphere irradiating and uplifting everything in its path. Whenever peace is advocated instead of war, light flows out to dispel darkness and negativity. A planet’s evolutionary progress can be measured by the amount of light existing in its energy field.

Light cannot emerge when anger, hatred, and strife are occurring in any form of human interaction. The forces of light are reduced whenever anything negative is released into a given area. Vibratory waves are lowered, and a corresponding diminution of light occurs. However, there is an interesting dichotomy to this situation. It is in the depths of darkness that a ray of light, no matter how small, creates the greatest affect.

The disharmony of strife and conflict all over your planet at the present time is presenting a perfect background for the growing emission of light particles stemming from loving kindness and peaceful cooperation. Acts of this type can be likened to the lighting of a candle. Each new candle adds to the illumination of the planet as a whole and raises the people of Earth to a higher level of spiritual development.

For you see, the introduction of more light into a given locale raises the vibratory level of all that exists in that area. Whenever a person prays, meditates, thinks a loving thought or performs an act of kindness, molecules of light flow into the surrounding atmosphere and raise its vibratory rate. Even on the battle field where death and destruction exists everywhere, any act that helps or offers support brings the light and love of the Creator to defray suffering.

There are celebrations all over Earth every December sending light to a darkened world. Candles are lit, and songs of peace and praise are lifted on high. We ask that you think of yourselves as bringers of light – light that will help raise your planet to a higher spiritual level. You can supply this light through your many positive thoughts, deeds and actions directed out to everything existing in your world. We, in turn, send you our love and support always.