The Higher Dimension – Our Next Home

A Spiritual View of the Twenty-first Century and Beyond
by Nancy Van Domelen

The Higher Dimensions – Our Next Home offers a second series of transmissions from the Lightbringers. This powerful and compelling book presents an in-depth view of our current times, again from a spiritual perspective. Whereas Dreaming a New World emphasized the individual areas important to spiritual growth and development, The Higher Dimensions – Our Next Home presents a comprehensive societal, planetary and universal message of hope and transformation.

Join the Lightbringers as they speak about:

  • Planet Earth as a laboratory for soul growth, Earth’s initiation, the three steps in Earth’s healing, how we can restore planetary balance and why natural disasters;
  • Spiritual cycles of death and rebirth with an in-depth look at the unfolding cycle of the United States;
  • How duality, the underlying principle of human interaction, brings transformation to the minds and hearts of human beings on Earth;
  • The polarity between the United States and the Muslim world, the war in Iraq, and finding unity through spiritualization of the human heart;
  • Humanity entering the fourth dimension of “the Eternal Now,” the preparations required, the expansion of the brain and human consciousness that will occur;
  • Quantum physics, a different view of reality, where time shifts into a new and more expanded paradigm;
  • The twenty-first century and beyond with the major themes of this millennium that will bring forth a new age in human development;
  • How Love, the Creative Force, helps us develop an expansive view of life and function within a larger spiritual context.

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