Dreaming a New World

A Spiritual Journey of Hope and Transformation
by Nancy Van Domelen

Dreaming a New World is Nancy Van Domelen’s first book of transmissions from a group soul calling themselves the Lightbringers. Her contact with them began after the death of her youngest son and has continued for over twenty years. This inspirational book provides a message of hope and vision for this age of great turmoil and change. It challenges readers to broaden their horizons and examine their most basic assumptions as it presents a spiritual perspective on many key areas of the human condition.

Join the Lightbringers as they speak about:

  • The physical, societal and cultural changes that will occur in the next fifteen to thirty years – wit h insights on September 11th
  • The emergence of a new human species with greatly expanded capabilities;
  • A new look at the human experience – desire, fear, love, sin, death, perfectionism, worry and discrimination;
  • Developing personal power by increasing brain capacity, strength and self-sufficiency;
  • The powerful energy dynamic of human sexuality, infidelity and commitment, and the unfolding of human sexuality in the future;
  • The healing of addictions emphasizing the treatment of a person’s energy field, and the release and cure of miasms at the electromagnetic level of the human body;
  • How to attain positive relationships, reconcile differences and what relationships will be like in the future;
  • Daily spiritual practices that rewire the physical body to become a conductor of higher vibrational energies;
  • The discovery of the universal frequency band available to all – the spiritual Internet;
    Energy triangulation as a necessary foundation for creative expression.

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