A Spark of the Divine

A Soul’s Journey Through Time, Space and Beyond
By Nancy Van Domelen

Some of the messages from spirit in this book include:

The Nature of the Soul

  • The nature of the soul, the soul’s journey, how to access soul wisdom, the soul’s approach to decision-making, the soul and the dying process
  • Spiritual practices assisting vibratory transformation, seeing life from a different perspective, meditation as a pathway to the soul, and creativity─ a new concept for living

Transformation of the Human Race

  • Expansion of the human brain, realigning DNA, mutation of the body’s electrical system, the power of mental intent, letting go of fear and developing trust
  • Interconnectedness of time and space, quantum physics─a new view of reality, gaining multidimensional consciousness, living in a heart-directed way

Earth Changes-Birthing a New World

  • Earth’s spiritual blueprint, the Great Purification, raising Earth’s vibration, prophecy─a story of probable futures, and the sacred geometry of numbers
  • Why natural disasters and climatic upheavals, new locales for spiritual advancement, and planetary change through fire and water


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