A Spark of the Divine: A Soul's Journey Through Time, Space and Beyond A Spark of the Divine, Nancy Van Domelen’s newly released third book contains new messages from the Lightbringers. They offer a comprehensive view of the soul’s journey through time, space and beyond. They also speak about the transformation of the human race and Earth changes, which are birthing a new world.

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The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home The Higher Dimensions – Our Next Home
Offers a second series of transmissions from the Lightbringers. This powerful and compelling book presents an in-depth view of our current times, again from a spiritual perspective. Whereas Dreaming a New World emphasized the individual areas important to spiritual growth and development, The Higher Dimensions–Our Next Home presents a comprehensive societal, planetary and universal message of hope and transformation.

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Dreaming a New World Dreaming a New World is Nancy Van Domelen’s first book of transmissions from a group soul calling themselves the Lightbringers. Her contact with them began after the death of her youngest son and has continued for over twenty years. This inspirational book provides a message of hope and vision for this age of great turmoil and change. It challenges readers to broaden their horizons and examine their most basic assumptions as it presents a spiritual perspective on many key areas of the human condition.

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