September 2017 – Water – the Great Transformer


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at a most intense and troubling time in the world and especially in the United States, which is experiencing extreme weather conditions. Hurricanes have been pummeling the southeastern portion of the country while massive forest fires rage in the west. In 2011, our book, A Spark of the Divine, spoke at length regarding these conditions presenting the spiritual transformation occurring during these events.

The remainder of this transmission will present the information we brought you at that time in 2011. “Throughout Earth, excessive amounts of water or the lack thereof are primary conditions affecting many people. Drought conditions have been prevalent in some areas, while excessive flooding has forced people to flee their homes for safer ground. Sea levels are rising as the ice caps at the North and South Poles are melting during the planetary warming trend that has accelerated in recent decades.”

“Great storms gathering in the oceans of the world have fostered hurricanes and typhoons, which have brought large amounts of water inland, destroying homes, towns and cities with an accompanying loss of life and property. We realize that what we say here is recognized by those who live on Earth’s surface. What is not known, except perhaps by a few, is that the seemingly destructive effect of water and fire upon the planet is part of a spiritual plan to help humanity ascend up the spiral of life.”

“Everything that occurs is animated by a divinely positive purpose, no matter how negative it may appear. To incorporate this belief into the basic essence of one’s world view will bring a sense of peace and harmony to what is occurring, whether it is positive or negative. Death and destruction clear the way for renewal and rebirth and have a constructive role in those experiences that cause pain and suffering.”

“The energetic properties of water are having an impact on not only physical and environmental levels, but also on human emotional and psychological states as well. Souls, who are currently incarnating on Earth, are experiencing a massive realignment of their emotional and psychological natures, which is being reflected on the physical level by excessive water conditions throughout the planet.”

“This process has been in effect for over a decade but presently is accelerating powerfully and transformatively in the affairs of human beings. Emotions are an important part of the human psyche. They provide richness and vibrancy to the human condition. Whenever emotions come into play, there is a heightened sense of connection that adds vivid color to every aspect of life.”

“In your universe, which is governed by the Law of Duality, powerful uplifting states are counterbalanced by negative emotions that shred and destroy the sense of well-being. Emotions are always changing, shifting and transmuting into a different phase, just like the flow of water through a given area of land.”

“Emotions are rarely fixed and unchanging. They ebb and flow like the waters of a great ocean. Currently the entire planet is cleansing and purifying itself emotionally and vibrationally. There is an energy field surrounding Earth that contains all emotional expressions held by those who have lived on the surface of the planet since it was created. It is this energy field that is being cleansed and purified.”

“As humanity prepares for a more highly advanced human species to appear, Gaia, the great being supplying the spiritual life force for your planet, is releasing all past emotions felt by those who have lived on Earth. This is triggering a corresponding emotional release by the incarnating souls on her surface, since it now is time to bring unity, harmony and balance into the emotional affairs of humanity.”

“In order for this goal to be reached, everyone needs of take responsibility for his or her expression of negative, hurtful emotions. Wherever anger, fear, rage, depression or any negative emotions are expressed, the surrounding energy field is lowered and adversely affected. In contrast, when love, respect and acceptance are released into any given situation, a higher vibrational state is achieved.”

“For this basic reason, all individuals on Earth need to see themselves as conductors of positive spiritual energy. Whenever they feel themselves slipping into a negative emotional state, it is best to promptly halt the process and shift their mood into a more positive one. The release and transformation of inner negative emotions is one of the most important human activities needed on the planet today. The element of water is offering assistance and support for all those involved in this important transformation.”

August 2017 – The Solar Eclipse’s Spiritual Message


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at a most auspicious time – a pivotal period in humanity’s spiritual journey. Later this month on August 21st, a full solar eclipse in the United States will wend its way from the farthest reaches of the west, cross the country, and exit into the Atlantic Ocean. Americans from west to east will be able to view this event in its entirety. There has been a high level of interest and anticipation countrywide.

From the earliest times, solar eclipses have been important events with a wide variety of interpretations applied to them. Some cultures thought that eclipses were harbingers of oncoming disasters and initiated many different kinds of sacrifices to appease the gods. No matter how they were viewed down through the ages, at the very least they caused unease with an accompanying sense that they were events not readily understood.

The past recognition regarding the significance of solar eclipses was important even though their true function was unknown to most. These events have a profound significance spiritually. When the light of the sun is blocked by the moon moving in front of it, the electromagnetic force field of Earth is impacted in a direct and powerful way. It is as if a period of stasis occurs, a veritable pause, no matter how brief in the affairs of human beings on the planet.

It is as if the life force of the sun is halted so that a profound spiritual truth can stand unobstructed and visible for those with eyes to see. We would like to offer a spiritual interpretation regarding the true meaning of the August solar eclipse as it relates to the United States of America and its course in the history of humanity. It is significant that the eclipse crosses the country clearly in the view of millions of Americans.

It is bringing a message of extreme importance to incarnating souls living within the boundaries of the United States. Astrologically, August 21st falls in the final degrees of the sign of Leo. This sign encapsulates the human qualities of strong personal ego, creativity and love. The eclipse is bringing the message that this current human experience is passing away to be replaced by a new spiritual theme, which is not yet known to incarnating souls on the planet.

There has been an extended period of emphasis on the development of the human personality and ego in order to form the foundation for a vibrant and powerful national state. Personal leadership was an ongoing prerequisite for advancement in a given field. Other necessary personal prerequisites were often secondary and overlooked resulting in the creative process being dominated by a majority of individuals who operated from ego positions.

Gradually and inexorably over time, a shift of major proportions has been emerging. There is a growing awareness that interactions that are heartfelt in nature produce satisfying results in an easier and more productive way. Given what is occurring on the national level in the United States, it seems that what we have said here is simply not true. The political discord, however, is providing a fertile field for change because of the discomfort it is causing on many different levels.

More and more people are becoming aware that interactions that are heart felt in nature are more successful in the long run. Gradually and inexorably, a shift will grow. The current form of leadership is not sustainable in all walks of life. In the decades ahead when people look back to this period, they will be able to identify the shift which is difficult to discern at the present time.

The current solar eclipse is bringing the message that a new day is dawning. The time of personal ego dominance is ending. Heart felt human interaction will stimulate creativity far beyond what can be imagined at the present time. As this awareness surfaces at a conscious level, many aspects of life will shift, but it will not happen quickly or easily.

In order to sustain yourself during this difficult time, watch carefully for any example of positive heart felt interaction appearing in your life or witnessed on a broader scale. See it as a promise to you for what is coming even though it does not appear to be so. Let the examples you encounter buoy you up. Most of all, commit to operate with loving behavior as often as possible. It is the single most positive thing you can do in life.

July 2017 – Completion of Life Issues


We welcome you, our dear friends. The month of July is the midpoint in the pivotal year of 2017. This year ends a nine year cycle that has been of great significance to incarnating souls on Earth. This cycle has begun an opening into higher dimensional consciousness, which in later retrospect will be quite evident. We ask you to take a moment to reflect upon your life during these past nine years. Has there been a prevailing theme or series of events that have been prominent in your life?

Please take the time to access the inner information regarding your past nine years. This information is of vital importance to you. It has been a time of far greater significance than you might imagine. During this period, there has been a coming together of significant life issues, which you are now able to bring to completion. For many of you, these issues have existed for lifetimes and have been an important spiritual learning on your life journey.

Upon careful reflection, what has been the key issue you have dealt with during this time? You are now ready to understand its significance, honor its role in your spiritual growth and development, and reach a point of completion. For this reason, a period of review and recapitulation is most helpful. What we are asking you to do is of great importance and will help you reach a deeper understanding regarding your life’s purpose.

The United States has also gone through a pivotal nine-year cycle. A hidden polarity of long standing intensity and duration has emerged for all to see and recognize. This polarity must be addressed and healed in order for any significant progress on a national scale to occur. It has taken nine years for this issue to become clear and recognizable. The cycle has ended, and a new nine year cycle has begun.

There will be an ongoing emphasis on healing polarity in the years ahead. The destructiveness of conflict and strife will be less and less tolerable as people try to find respite from ongoing tension. This will be true on a personal level as incarnating souls gain a recognition regarding unresolved life issues and move to finalize them. A new period with a different emphasis is emerging for the people of Earth both personally and nationally.

For this reason, old unresolved issues are a hindrance that must be addressed and finalized. New awareness regarding life and its ultimate purpose is becoming evident to a growing number of people. Polarity that is unchecked in any area of life is unproductive and only leads to ultimate disintegration. What polarity does do is provide the stepping stone to unity, the final spiritual destination for all incarnating souls.

The unifying principal of love and acceptance is the evolutionary goal for humanity. This is true on all levels of existence whether personal, national or global. Every person on the planet is being impulsed with this awareness, which is seeping into the consciousness of all. It will not be evident on an outer level for some time, but the seeding process is underway. You can participate by finalizing issues that need attention in your own life. This will be a true act of service on your part.

We know that many of you are experiencing fatigue and stress given the intensity of life on so many different levels. We ask that you take time to nurture and regenerate yourselves. You are of great value and must be able to continue your act of service. Seek out lighthearted enjoyment and revel in what is positive in your lives. There is much to be valued so focus your attention on it.

We would also like to bring to your attention an important reality. Many souls on spiritual realms beyond the third dimension are sending positive vibratory energy to those of you living on Earth. This energy is a stabilizing force, which is strengthening on many different levels. You just need to tap into it. Take time to regularly connect to it for relief and rejuvenation. It will be amazingly helpful.

It is important to see that everything that is happening in your world is ultimately for the highest good even though it does not seem so. Let this be a mantra that you continually draw upon. It will sustain you throughout the most difficult times. Remember always that you are a child of the Creator and have come to the Earth plane to grow spiritually. Everything that you are experiencing is contributing to this goal. We send blessings and encouragement to you. You are loved.

June 2017 – Developing Your Intuitive Knowing


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you today to consider in depth a phenomenon that is surfacing throughout the world, but most particularly in the United States. It has to do with the dissemination of information to the public at large. The technology governing public discourse has grown at a rapid rate, as the ability to reach others through various means of communication expands. A variety of presentations of supposed facts governing a single event has become increasingly common. Conflicting factual disparities have become the norm.

The end result has been a clash of alternate realities over a single event being reported to the public at large. This situation is causing much conflict and discord at many different levels of society. It is viewed by many as an extremely negative development for which there appears to be no solution. We, on the realm of spirit, have a very different view of this situation, which we would like to present for your consideration.

Incarnating souls on Earth are in the process of moving from three dimensional realities to the higher vibrational level of the fourth dimension. One of the basic skills possessed by those living in the fourth dimension is that of intuitive knowing. To know something accurately about a person, place or thing without any supporting factual data indicates a major advancement in spiritual development.

This capability has within it a level of sophistication regarding the interpretation of incoming information that assists incarnating souls to function effectively in a multi-faceted world. To be able to discern the truth of any matter even though conflicting facts regarding it are being presented is sorely needed at the present time. When realities are contradictory, the incarnating soul must be able to discern the truth since the outer world cannot provide it.

The political arena in many countries is supplying the backdrop for the development of intuitive knowing. When diametrically opposite information is presented, there has to be a way to determine the accuracy of any situation. The ability to do so is very simple indeed. It requires activating an inner process that will facilitate the determination of the truth of any matter.

Once you have mastered this ability, you will be able to view a situation and glean its truth for yourself whenever alternate realities are being presented. Do you see how important this skill is when conflicting accounts surface in almost every area of life? You have to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff whenever it is necessary to do so. It is not wise to make decisions based on erroneous information, which will only lead you astray as you pursue your course in life.

So how does one develop this ability of intuitive knowing? Let us take a hypothetical example of where totally opposite information is being presented to you about a given situation and you need to determine what its accuracy is. Take a brief quiet moment and set the intent to determine the truth of the matter. Then scrutinize carefully the information being presented.

Once you have accomplished this, focus your attention inwardly. Activate your sensing capabilities. Intuitive knowing is reached through the feeling side of your nature. What feelings arise as you view the different realities being presented to you? If one reality evokes a positive feeling, concentrate on it. Sit within its factual context and let it grow into a state of certainty.

When this state is achieved, acknowledge that you have reached a state of knowing regarding the matter through your own inner processing. Also you are satisfied that you have been able to determine a greater sense of certainty about the conflicting information you have been considering. Do you see the value of activating your intuitive knowing when confronting opposing factual realities?

In this age of continuous bombardment of information, it is essential that you develop your inner screening mechanisms. The gaining of soul wisdom originates with feelings that open the pathway to intuitive knowing. Feelings activate the process which then leads to a certainty regarding any matter. Intuitive knowing is a powerful inner guide for determining the right course of thought or action.

Lying will become obsolete because it will become readily evident whenever someone is not speaking the truth. Human behavior will be irrevocably altered, and a whole new type of human interaction will become the norm. The process is already underway since the issues of lying and truth telling are gaining importance in the daily affairs of incarnating souls on Earth.

What appears to be destructive human behavior is really providing the setting for a more advanced form of spiritual functioning to emerge – that of intuitive knowing. As we have said many times before, there is a higher good implicit in every set of negative circumstances. It requires trust and diligence to find it no matter how it appears. That is your challenge. We ask you to embrace it.

May 2017 – Managing Spiritual Energy


We welcome you, our dear friends. We feel it a privilege and honor to be able to connect with you as we have been doing for an extended period of time. It is becoming more common for us to be in contact with your realm even though we exist on a dimension different than yours. It is a sign of the transition that is gradually unfolding for incarnating souls on Earth. For many long eons, dwellers on your planet have existed within a three dimensional matrix that provided the framework for all human experience.

Those incarnating within the third dimension have chosen to live lives requiring major effort. Your plane of existence provides a proving ground for accelerated spiritual growth because of the many tests incarnating souls are required to undertake. To live within Earth’s energy field is to embark upon lives of challenge and intensity, which accelerate spiritual advancement. When a soul incarnates on your planet, it is an indication that the soul is ready for major spiritual expansion.

It is very important that you recognize what we have just said here. There is a tendency among many of you to feel that life is filled with burdens that are too heavy to bear. We ask that you change that perception and instead adopt a different view of yourself and your world. You are a mature soul who has agreed to live within an energy field that will test and try you so that you can expand spiritually. It is as simple as that.

It is imperative, therefore, that you draw upon the help you need to weather the storms of life on Earth. Beings from other dimensions surround your planet to provide assistance when needed. There has been a long standing tradition down through the ages regarding angels supporting humans as they face the challenges of life. Many examples continue to surface regarding these divine interactions. We serve in that angelic capacity.

We ask that you take time during periods of quiet introspection to sense the presence of spiritual assistance, which is available on a continuous and ongoing basis. As the intensity of life continues to accelerate, you will require spiritual support to weather the challenges confronting you. That spiritual support will guide you and uphold you as you move into a higher state of consciousness.

Some of you are being intensely tested by the circumstances of your life. This testing is draining your energy and physical strength. Instead of viewing this situation negatively, we ask you to welcome the demands being placed upon you as an opportunity to grow spiritually. There is assistance readily available for you if you just open yourself to it. You need to develop a new regimen to sustain you when you feel yourself becoming physically drained by the demands placed upon you.

What we are referring to here is an infusion of spiritual energy at the time when the energy loss is experienced. When a state of physical exhaustion occurs, take a few moments to remove yourself from outer functioning and go within. Breathe deeply and rhythmically and visualize an energy field readily available to you. Draw in that strengthening energy and bathe in its uplifting properties. This simple exercise can take literally a moment or two but can revitalize you at a deep level.

Whenever you feel your strength waning, take a brief moment to draw upon the assistance that is right there for you to take advantage of. Consciously visualize a healing energy entering your body to strengthen and renew it at all levels. For some of you, it will be necessary to utilize this simple exercise more than once during the day. It may seem that what we are suggesting here is of little value. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we have offered here is a profoundly important exercise for living on the third dimension. By consciously drawing in spiritual energy to strengthen you, you are moving out from the confines of three dimensional life into the next higher dimension surrounding you. You are ascending into a more refined realm of consciousness – one that draws upon more sophisticated energy fields for support.

As you perform this simple but profound exercise with regularity, your perceptions of life will start to change. Your intuitive knowing will increase as will other physical capabilities. You will find the strength to undertake the demands being placed upon you. Understanding regarding your true role for existence will become more evident, and your capacity as a human being will increase because regular infusions of more refined spiritual energy are transforming you at a deep level.

This is why intensely disturbing events in the outer world have a positive purpose at their core. They force us to seek assistance that might not have been solicited when life is unfolding smoothly. Addressing crises requires full attention and resolution. Drawing upon spiritual energy for strength opens up the being to infusions of vibratory fields that uplift and sustain. As the old world dies around us, the beginnings of a new world are slowly appearing. Drawing on spiritual energy for assistance is one way to facilitate this transition.

April 2017 – Shifting Into a More Refined State


We welcome you, our dear friends. It is a most beautiful time of the year for all inhabitants of the planet living in the northern hemisphere. Life is emerging in the natural world with a vibrancy and promise of renewal that is uplifting on many different levels. It is always beneficial to set time aside and connect with the burgeoning life all about you. The most powerful energy of the year can be found in the spring when the thrust of renewed life surfaces for another cycle of manifestation.

Ancient societies always celebrated the reappearance of spring with festivals and ceremonies honoring new life. Time was set aside to identify the themes that the new cycle of life held in promise. Care was taken to identify the key issues the new cycle held in nascent form and a commitment was made to use these issues as a guide during the months ahead.

Life currently on Earth revolves around technology that is not attuned to the natural rhythms of the planet. Because of this, there is a serious disconnect between human beings and the natural rhythms, which are continuously available to all incarnating souls on Earth. Since this is so, the months of April and May in the northern hemisphere are not recognized for the power and influence they possess over all areas of life.

One of the most significant elements regarding the spiritual growth and development of incarnating souls on Earth is reconnection to the vibratory rhythms of the planet and the conscious use of these rhythms for spiritual advancement. Your planet has an indwelling spirit of great power and beauty. She is in the process of rising to a higher spiritual level so that she can provide the appropriate setting for the more advanced souls who are waiting to enter Earth’s vibratory field.

We have spoken earlier about the power and significance of spring energies in every human’s life. We speak of it now because it is essential that incarnating souls connect with the energy field of the planet while life everywhere is being bombarded with destructive vibratory waves. Disruptive energies are surfacing all over Earth causing a spiritual turbulence that is breaking up existing forms in every area of life. The old way of life is retreating into the past as a new Earth is emerging before our very eyes.

We ask that instead of focusing on what is changing and ending that you recognize the seeds of a new way of life that are beginning to sprout and grow into something very different from what currently exists. It is essential that the promise of this new and better way support and uphold you as you cope with the rapid and disintegrating energies that are prevalent everywhere.

We ask you to embrace and accept the fact that many values and current ways of life will be modified or end in the decades ahead. Holding on to the old will not sustain or support you as humans experience a major recalibration in all areas of existence. We ask that you recognize any part of your life that is currently under stress and identify how you are dealing with it. Are you flexible and open to what you can learn from it?

Flexibility will be an essential characteristic needed for spiritual advancement in the coming years. It will not serve you well to cling to outmoded patterns of behavior that are no longer needed. The way to identify them is that a stress factor accompanies them. Stress is the red light identifying the issue needing scrutiny. A serene, balanced, peaceful state will provide the ballast and support required during these times of rapid change. It is your challenge to determine how to reach this state.

You can begin by recognizing the power and vibrancy of the emanations of spiritual energy in your world. That energy can stabilize, strengthen and heal you on many different levels. Take time each day to connect to these energy fields. For a time you will not see the energy but will start to feel a difference in your body as you build up your receptivity. If you set aside a short period every day, you will begin to shift your own vibratory field into a more refined state.

Some of you will actually begin to see the energies surrounding you, which will open the door to higher more refined realms. Once you actually can see these vibratory waves undulating around you, you have begun to move out of third dimensional reality and are beginning to enter the fourth dimension of time and space. A most auspicious period to begin this process is in the spring of the year since supporting energies for this type of endeavor are the strongest.

We ask that each day for a short period of time you shift your focus from what is happening in your outer world to the inner space of your soul essence. It is absolutely imperative that your perceptions of life shift into a higher, more refined state. In order for this to happen, spiritual discipline must be applied so that you can expand and grow. Whenever possible, seek out settings in nature. Once you can see the vibratory waves in your world, a connection will be established that will change you forever.

March 2017 – Time – The Ever-present Now


We welcome you, our dear friends. What a glorious time it currently is for incarnating souls on Earth! Many of you may be reading what we have just said with a questioning incredulity given the darkness surrounding so much of what is unfolding all over the globe. Viewing the events of today from a spiritual perspective however will provide the truth of what we have just said.

The history of humanity’s journey on your planet has been one of steadily increasing evolutionary growth. In every century, there have been individuals who were aware of Earth’s plan for spiritual development. They served in the capacity of guardians of the flame since their task was to provide a powerful upward impetus for spiritual change.

They were able to see what appeared to most as past, present and future in a very different way. They understood that spiritual advancement for incarnating souls on Earth would require movement out of the third dimension into the fourth dimension where time and space would manifest very differently. This upward step in multidimensional realities is beginning to take place.

Many of you who have accessed our spiritual transmissions have served in other lifetimes as guardians and protectors of the truths regarding humanity’s spiritual purpose. You have incarnated now to serve in this capacity again. The first step is for you to accept that you have a higher commitment which you assumed when you were born. You agreed to explore expanded concepts regarding time and space so that your fellow souls would have a model for similar exploration.

The first step in this process involves time assuming a fluidity that brings forward past events for the purpose of recapitulation and review. How many of you have had past issues that you considered completed suddenly reappearing in your life in a surprising and unexpected way? Have they taken on an intensity that has caused you distress? Have you wondered why this phenomenon is occurring in your life?

The answer to all of these questions rests in the fact that planet Earth is moving into a more refined spiritual state. The first recognizable sign can be found within the construct of time. The linear concept of past, present and future is slowly being replaced with a new reality where all events occur simultaneously. Since this concept is abstract and challenging to understand, we would like to refer again to our book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home to further present a new approach to the present view of time.

“Time is relative and does not manifest in a past, present and future framework. Time is a holistic matrix operating out of the eternal Now. This idea is most difficult for beings in the third dimension to grasp. This reality is so deeply ingrained within the consciousness of Earth’s inhabitants that it resembles the hard wiring of a computer with essential data. From the standpoint of the higher dimensions, this is an inaccurate and flawed view of time.”

From the soul’s perspective, the first step in moving into higher realms of consciousness requires that one sees time in a more expanded and realistic way. This is why so many are dealing with past issues and experiences. This process blurs the lines between past and present incorporating these two realities into one. The next step will involve considering probable future events within a present state of awareness. Ultimately the goal is to blend past, present and future into the Ever-Present Now.

Many people struggle with the issue of not having enough time for what has to be done. It almost seems as if time is speeding up and even folding back upon itself affecting productivity and behavior. The purpose of this phenomenon is to bring attention to the whole concept of time and how it affects human life. The proliferation of books and movies regarding time travel are simply emblematic of the change that is occurring within human beings’ awareness of the fact that time is shifting in some undefinable way.

You may wonder why this discussion regarding time has any relevance for you as you experience the many situations in life that surface for you on a daily basis. We assure you that it is highly significant. The vibratory matrix of your planet is shifting into a higher expression. The change will directly affect every incarnating soul on the planet. For this reason, we would like to offer a spiritual exercise regarding time that will be helpful.

On a regular basis, quiet yourself, breathe slowly and rhythmically and sink into a meditative state. Once grounded in this reality, bring up an event in your past that has surfaced in your consciousness recently. Know that all experiences have been a necessary part of your soul’s journey and essential to your soul growth. Embrace this past reality and start to see it differently.

All that has happened, is happening and will happen is occurring simultaneously. Let the dividing lines between past, present and future blur and start to dissolve. Everything in your life has been for the highest good and necessary for soul growth no matter how it may appear outwardly. Celebrate your life and who you really are. Drop all judgement and revel in the reality that you are a child of the Creator. You have earned it!

February 2017 – An Expanded View of Time


We welcome you, our dear friends. As we said last month, inhabitants of Earth are on the verge of a massive shift in consciousness – one long awaited and prepared for by earlier people of your planet. For eons, incarnating souls have experienced life within the confines of three dimensional realities. This period of soul advancement is drawing to a close, and a new framework for soul growth is emerging.

In this transmission and in the coming months we will be drawing content from our second book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. The information in this book has existed within the vibrational field of Earth in a quiescent state preparing itself for greater scrutiny at the appropriate time. That time is now here. There is much greater receptivity now than there was twelve years ago for spiritually advanced concepts and realities.

Human consciousness is expanding at a rapid rate. Much of what is occurring worldwide is causing turmoil and disruption on many different levels. This chaotic turbulence is providing the perfect backdrop needed for spiritual growth. How can this be you ask? It is necessary to break up long established patterns of behavior in order for evolutionary growth to emerge.

An increasing number of incarnating souls are moving into fourth dimensional consciousness. One of the real differences between the third and fourth dimension can be found in the concept of time. “In the fourth dimension, time as it is experienced on Earth takes on a very different perspective. One of the first sensations that will be noticed is that time expands beyond what is known on the third dimension.”

“Residents of your world think that time follows a line from past to present to future. That is not the case when one rises into the vibrational field of the fourth dimension. It is as if one goes through a vortex of energy at warp speed and suddenly emerges into a greatly expended field of the Now where all events are occurring simultaneously.”

“One feels as if all that exists is within the vision of the viewer. This does not mean that that one sees everything that has occurred, is occurring, or will occur throughout time and space. It simply means that whatever the viewer turns attention to will be seen in a much wider context of time.”

“It will become readily evident that every event is interrelated to every other event in a tangible and connected way. Once one acquires this elevated view of time and returns to the third dimension, then words, deeds and actions will be seen in a totally new light.”

“Once a human being experiences time in this totally different construct, the physical brain’s pathways expand significantly. The ability of the human brain to quantify existence moves onto a much higher level of comprehension. This new experience of time will become increasingly familiar to the people of Earth as they start to move into the next higher dimension.”

“The journey will provide the first in a series of startling changes regarding how life is perceived. Inhabitants of the Earth are living in a restricted and incomplete way. Matter is confining, not allowing those enmeshed in it to truly see what exists all about them.”

“We ask that you reflect upon the ideas we have introduced regarding this new view of time. One must release all preconceived concepts about time. For time never has been as you have been taught. It is an energy field that is all inclusive. Nothing exists outside of this field of the Now.”

So it is that we ask that you begin to perceive time in a more expanded way. Start to recognize if you are seeing time differently. Is the perception of time speeding up or slowing down for you? Are you suddenly aware that events in your life are eerily reminiscent of earlier experiences you had or are you beginning to have glimpses of probable futures waiting to unfold?

In the months ahead, we will be addressing specific ways in which you can prepare to access higher dimensional consciousness. We ask that you absorb what we have said here regarding time. Start to think of what we have presented and make a commitment to a daily meditation period. Breath work and meditation will greatly assist you as you explore an expanded concept of time.

January 2017 – Beginning a New Way of Life


We welcome you, our dear friends. We celebrate with you the beginning of a new year, and quite a year it will be. Incarnating souls on Earth have reached a pivotal turn on the road of spiritual development. A new way of life is slowly coming into existence – one that will manifest in far different ways than life currently does. A major shift in emphasis in regards to what the human experience is and how it unfolds is under way.

It is now time to enter higher dimensions of existence so that the human condition can expand in its ability to assist the process of spiritual growth. The life experiences of the third dimension have accomplished the goals for which they were created, and now new life experiences are ready to appear and take ascendancy in the affairs of human beings on Earth.

This is why an assault on values and beliefs is currently under way in all areas of life. It is important to recognize that the old world is dying and a more advanced one is slowly emerging so that incarnating souls can grow and learn within a new set of human experiences. The primary difference between the old and new is that human beings will be accessing higher dimensions of reality, which will expand them exponentially.

Twelve years ago we brought extensive information about the pathway to higher realms in our book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. The following provides insight regarding the way to access this more advanced vibratory state. “The pathway to higher realms or dimensions is very easily accessed. All dimensions exist within a fluid and interconnected state. They interpenetrate each other’s space in a direct and commingled way.”

“What differentiates one dimension from another is the speed with which the vibratory waves move within a given force field. The idea that spiritual realms exist far removed from each other is inaccurate. Reality is a diverse and interactive multidimensional field, which can be entered only by beings whose vibratory rate is within the given frequency of the particular dimension in that field.”

“As the technology of your scientific world develops, the accuracy of what we have just said will be discovered in measurable ways. This discovery is close at hand. It is now time for human beings to move out and away from Earth and explore the galaxy with its myriad of life forms. Human beings are also ready to move out of their current mode of third dimensionality and move upward into the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions of time, space and mental causation. However, there are certain basic steps that must be taken in preparation for such an inner journey.”

“The first step involves a personal acknowledgement and recognition that the universe is comprised of numerous levels of existence. Each one provides a correspondingly complex set of experiences, which helps the soul entity grow and develop on its way to reunion with The Creator of All That Is. As the individual soul participates in each dimension’s offerings, the vibratory rate accelerates until it reaches a point in velocity where an upward motion raises it up the spiral of life. As the spiral turns, the soul entity leaves its current dimension and moves into the next higher one.”

“Just as the soul is about to leave its current level, there is a recapitulation and review of all that has occurred there. When that has finished, the knowledge gained is incorporated at a molecular level and is retained as a deep soul knowing – always accessible whenever needed. Therefore, in order for one to enter a higher dimension, the soul has to believe wholly that upward motion is possible. Also, the soul needs to prepare itself in a variety of ways to effect this change in vibratory rate.”

“Only when the dense field of the human body becomes more irradiated with the light of spirit will the third eye of expanded seeing and knowing be activated. Once this opening occurs, the depth of life existing on the physical plane will spring into view. Also, the pathways into higher dimensions will be evident and will summon the viewer to an exploration of them.”

So it is that in the coming months we will be bringing information that will assist you in accessing higher dimensions if you so choose. It will require that you develop new pathways in the brain in order to recognize the change in reality you are experiencing. This is one reason why there is such emphasis now on diseases and injuries to the brain. Expansion in brain capacity and function will be one of the major human developments in the immediate future.

“Human beings now need to know clearly that the steps they are taking to raise their level of consciousness have greater ramifications then they ever thought possible. Join with the cosmic dance up the spiral of life. It will lift you above your present abilities into a realm far beyond what you ever thought possible.”

December 2016 – A Time of Completion and Renewed Purpose


We welcome you, our dear friends. Our message to you now is one of completion for this tumultuous year is finally drawing to a close. The energetic field of the past twelve months is completing its cycle bringing about the ending of a defining time for inhabitants of planet Earth. Much of what has been identified as the old order of life is being challenged and partially or wholly discarded by the discordant energies abroad in the land.

As a result, many are experiencing a profound sense of stasis or imbalance in one or more areas of their lives. Long dormant or unresolved issues are surfacing on a personal and societal level to be faced and addressed for final resolution. Although recognized by very few, the cleansing winds of change are seeping into every nook and cranny of earthly existence. The old ways and belief systems are no longer sustainable in their present form, which is why they are coming under attack.

Life on Earth is entering a period of refinement and transformation. People individually and collectively are being intensely buffeted and impacted by events that are surfacing with astounding power and regularity. Many feel that life has become filled with obstacles and hurdles facing them at every turn. This is not true for all but is so for a large number of incarnating souls no matter where they reside on the planet.

We therefore feel it is an honor to be in communication with you at such an important time. The interaction of dimensions has always existed between incarnating souls and higher spiritual realms. This contact has expanded in recent years as your planet moves into the vibratory field of the fourth dimension. So those of you who receive and absorb our transmissions are serving as pioneers of a newly emerging reality.

As Earth’s energy field is being impacted by waves of higher vibrational energies, the lives of those living on the planet are also feeling the effect of the turbulence. Physical health, relationships, value systems, areas of work and the overall sense of well-being are coming under scrutiny. It is important to realize that this review is a good thing in all ways. It is meant to raise the vibrational level of every person involved in this process.

It is important to see and respond positively to the powerful waves of change that are entering all walks of life. A new world is being birthed as the old one is ending. It has served its purpose, and another different time is waiting to enter a new period of Earth’s growth and development. What has been of value will remain as no longer needed ways of life will be discarded. It is as if the planet is experiencing a massive housecleaning in preparation for new inhabitants.

Housecleaning requires hard work on a sustained basis. It involves careful scrutiny of the details in life. This is where the inhabitants of Earth presently find themselves. The very details of existence are coming into play providing a sense of direction and purpose at this pivotal time. It is very important that you embrace a careful and penetrating scrutiny of all areas of your life. What in the past has served you well and what needs to be discarded as you move into a new and different future?

The future you are moving into will be different in many ways you cannot even envision at the present time. The waves of change are so powerful that there is hardly a person on the planet who will not be impacted by them. You must prepare yourself so that you can ride the waves of change in the most positive way possible. The first step needed is to maintain steady, strong balance in the face of whatever life brings you.

We ask that you identify what factors in your life have a tendency to disturb your sense of equilibrium. Once you have accomplished this, develop the response needed for balanced strength. As so much around you is moving and changing, it is imperative that you can provide the ballast to compensate for the disruption occurring on an ongoing and continuous fashion in your life.

In order to gain balanced strength it will be necessary to set aside time on an ongoing basis for inner contemplation and review. Be continually aware of what responses the many changes occurring in your life are requiring of you and be able to marshal the inner resources to address them in as positive a manner as possible. Scrutiny that provides awareness at a deeper level will be an essential component in order to address the challenges of the future.

Quiet inner reflection activates the wisdom of the soul. Those individuals who are soul-infused will be more able to weather the changing landscape the planet’s new vibratory field will provide. We have spoken continually about the necessity of going within to connect with your soul essence. It has never been more important that you do so then now. That inner knowing will provide the steady strength and balance you will need as you navigate your earthly journey.

When ongoing soul contact is established, the fruits of the spirit flourish. One develops an inner knowing about people and events that transcends factual awareness. The normal boundaries of time and space are transcended with amazing capabilities emerging in these areas. Soul energy provides one with a greater purpose in meeting the challenges of life. Finally, when one is soul-infused, a radiating vibration of love and light is released providing the strength and healing so needed at the present time.