August 2016 – The Brain-Heart Link


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at a most significant time in the course of human affairs on your planet. The intensity of daily life continues to accelerate at an ever increasing pace, placing a great strain upon incarnating souls who are struggling to maintain stability and balance. Given the difficulties that many are facing, living a life of joy seems impossibly out of reach.

Our role is to assure you that peace and joy exist all around you. It just requires a shift in perception to step into that uplifting state of mind. Our primary responsibility in the many messages to you down through the years has been to assist you in that shift in perception. One of the primary indicators of the evolutionary advancement of the human race is the extensive scrutiny around the role and function of the brain.

There are two factors affecting the brain that have become prominent in recent years. They are disease and injury. Modern warfare’s latest weapons have resulted in a major increase in injuries to the brain. In the area of health, decreasing cognitive functioning is becoming endemic. There is a fundamental reason why these two conditions have surfaced and are contributing to an unfolding of the higher good.

Disease and injury to the brain are facilitating the knowledge that human beings need to expand spiritually. Healing the brain involves a process that has a much deeper significance than is generally recognized at the present time. We now would like to refer to information we presented in our book, A Spark of the Divine.

“The journey human beings are taking has significance far beyond that envisioned by most individuals. Information regarding the existence of the soul and the realms of spirit is beginning to enter the consciousness of those incarnating on the Earth plane at the present time. This knowledge will have a major impact on human evolution and will prepare the way for a more advanced species waiting to incarnate.”

“This new prototype of human being will have an expanded brain capacity beyond what is found in today’s inhabitants of your planet. New pathways in the brain will be needed to register interaction with beings from other dimensions at a conscious level. In order for this communication to happen, there has to be clear recognition of the process that is unfolding.”

“Since the brain initiates all thought and action, the full complement of synapses creating mental activity must be operational in order to reflect the experiences of Earth’s inhabitants. So it is that one of the most significant advances made in human development in the next two centuries will be this expansion of brain capacity.”

“This is why there has been so much emphasis on the development of the left hemisphere of the brain during the past three hundred years of Earth. Both the right and left hemispheres of the brain must be fully functional in order for the next important step in human evolution to begin.”

“For those of you who chafe within a societal structure that places such emphasis on intellectual achievement, we ask you to recognize the necessity for this development. The human brain must balance the opposite but complimentary functions of the right and left hemispheres. By the beginning of twenty-first century, that goal was reached. The human brain is now ready to master the realm of matter.”

“The physical brain serves as the conductor and regulator of all activity originated by the higher mind. In order for more advanced realities to be reflected, the physical brain must expand its functioning to recognize unfamiliar situations as they unfold within the human condition. In the future, multidimensional travel by the physical body will become more common. As incarnating souls on your planet travel into higher dimensions, the human brain must be equipped to reflect what is happening on many different levels simultaneously.”

You may wonder why we have chosen this topic while so much discord and strife swirl throughout your world. You have to recognize that meaningful change can only occur when the old forms of order in society are broken up and discarded. That is the underlying reality being reflected in the daily events that are surfacing with disturbing regularity.

Long established norms in society are being challenged and removed. The human capacity that recognizes and registers this reality is found in brain function. This is the reason why the brain seems to be under assault. It is processing the breakdown of existing society in a way recognizable by all with sensitivity to understand the process that is underway.

As brain functions expand and a higher mode of human interaction emerges, the link between the brain and the heart will be firmly established and humanity will have taken a major step up the spiral of life. The brain-heart link will make it possible for incarnating souls to create a new heaven and a new Earth on your planet. We hope that you now can see clearly the importance of having a spiritual perspective as you participate in the birthing process unfolding all about you.