August 2015 – Opening Up to Unseen Forces


We welcome you, our dear friends. Congratulations! You have completed the first half of the year 2015. Only at the end of this year when you look back and reflect upon what has transpired will you be able to see how significant this year has been for the inhabitants of your planet. You can, however, scrutinize more carefully the events unfolding in your lives and see them through the prism of heightened spiritual awareness.

The primary function of the year 2015 is one of opening. Each incarnating soul living on Earth at the present time is experiencing an opening and expansion in one or more major areas of life. It is very important that each of you identify what those areas are and consciously embrace the process you are having.

For eons, the inhabitants of Earth have been living within a fixed matrix that provided a limited ability for expansion and growth. Spiritual progress was made but in a reduced fashion. Multiple lifetimes were devoted to experiencing one significant aspect of the human condition until mastery was achieved. This long period is coming to a close.

The vibratory force field of Earth is in the process of a shift of major proportions. It is opening and welcoming those who are ready to make a giant step up the spiral of life. The power and effect of the third dimension has begun to weaken, and the fourth dimensional realities of time and space are beginning to move into the ascendancy of life on Earth.

The human body is becoming more light-infused, and the capacity of the human brain is increasing. One condition that has contributed to this increase has been the focus on healing the brain injuries many soldiers have had as they participated in multiple military incidents. Knowledge about the capabilities of the human brain has greatly increased as the medical field has concentrated on healing the soldiers who have sustained brain damage in recent years.

Another area of human expansion is the increased awareness that unseen forces exist everywhere and impact human life continually. Opening up to and embracing the reality of these unseen forces is one of the most important acts an incarnating soul on Earth can perform at the present time.

Making the transition to a more advanced state of being requires seeing all life in a new and different context. In order to accomplish this transition, it is imperative that a short period of inner reflection be done every day. Deep rhythmic breathing accompanied by a sense of peaceful opening is all that is needed to bring higher vibrational energies into your force field.

For years we have spoken about the importance of the inner meditative state. We have reached a place in time where a partial commitment to a regular daily practice is no longer acceptable for those who want to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. Attunement to higher vibrational energies changes the basic molecular structure of the human body, a necessary state required for spiritual growth.

It is now mandatory that each incarnating soul who wants to open up and ascend life’s spiral set aside a daily period, no matter how brief, to connect with the unseen fourth dimensional energies streaming unto the Earth plane. These forces will expand the human brain and transform the physical body in ways that cannot even be imagined at the present time.

These changes to the human body and its brain can only happen when the higher spiritual vibrations are drawn into the body through directed conscious intent during the meditative act. It is imperative that you commit to a daily practice that will allow you to feel the force of these powerful energies coming into your body. You can then draw upon them to assist you whenever you feel the need.

In the coming years as everyone experiences the demanding challenges of life, it will be necessary to access unseen energies in order to navigate a steady course. Those of you who have learned how to create a positive reality for yourself with the assistance of the spiritual forces existing all about you will be the way showers for others. Embrace the role and make the commitment. It is the single most important thing you can do at the present time.