August 2014 – The Dark Night of the Soul


We welcome you, our dear friends. This is a most important period of time in the affairs of incarnating souls on Earth. Humanity as a whole is taking a major step forward on its spiritual journey back to reunion with its Creator. Most people do not realize or recognize that they are on a path of ultimate return to the Source that created them. It is rare for an individual to conceptualize with any accuracy the reality of who they are and from whence they came.

Life in the many universes of time and space was created in the beginning by a powerful vortex of loving mind force. Every segment of life remains connected to this Ultimate Source and receives supportive, benevolent energy from it throughout the long journey of exploration and discovery. This is the fundamental truth underlying all of existence. We ask that you take a moment to reflect upon what we have said here. It is the foundation and cornerstone of who you are – a child of the Source of All Life.

You are one of many souls who have incarnated on the third dimension of Earth to accelerate your spiritual growth in the density of its vibratory field. Down through the eons in other realms, you have gained the strength and power to function within a three dimensional matrix. It is important that you recognize and accept who you really are – a soul who is strong enough to take on the challenges that Earth provides and grow within its framework.

You have experienced many different ways of life with their challenges down through the eons of time on this planet. Each existence helped you grow in strength and beauty. You spent many lifetimes in groups with established mores and values. You have been a part of families, tribes, clans, kingdoms and nations as you learned to adapt and grow within a specific societal structure. All of these experiences have been preparation for the life you currently are living.

You no longer have to rely on the support of any particular group or person. You are now ready to move through life in an autonomous state of localized power and intent. In order to reach this place in your spiritual journey, many of you have experienced a dark night of the soul. You have felt alone and completely adrift from all that seemed near and dear to you.

The dark night of the soul is a time of deep internal suffering caused by something that was unfolding in your outer life causing you pain. This dark night is part of every soul’s spiritual journey and is necessary for spiritual advancement and growth. You cannot rely on any person or group to assist you in emerging from such a painful experience. You have to reach down into the depths of your being to proceed on through and come out the other side.

During a dark night of the soul, one learns to draw upon inner strength unknown before. The spiritual core of the person is activated at a new more intense level. Grace raises the individual to a higher plane of being. For many there is recognition that Divine Source has played an instrumental role of loving assistance. Once the dark night is ended, one is a different person, stronger and more self-reliant. For many, there is an awareness regarding the connection to Source, which provides a new and enlightened framework for life.

Why are we addressing this topic now? We are doing so because many souls are having a personal dark night of the soul. Humanity itself is in the throes of a collective dark night of the soul. Societal structures are under siege. Many are facing monetary challenges, health issues, forced relocations because of violent climatic conditions or military incursions, conflict in relationships and the unexpected demise of loved ones. Any one of these can provide the necessary setting for a dark night of the soul.

We want to emphasize two important points if you are having a dark night of the soul or have had one in the past. First, every soul will experience this phenomenon at some time in their spiritual journey. It is a rite of passage necessary for spiritual growth. Second, the dark night is meant to strengthen your inner spiritual essence and open up your awareness regarding your ongoing contact with Divine Source.

Once you have attained this knowledge, the connection to your Creator will be greatly strengthened whether you are aware of it or not. You will be gaining the conviction that you are not alone and never have been. It takes a giant step to reach this place of understanding. You are now ready to draw upon the power of spirit that always has been your birthright. Knowing that you are not alone and that you have a direct connection to the most powerful energy source in the universe will give you the strength to persevere through whatever life brings. How blessed is that?