August 2013 – Turning in a New Direction

We welcome you, our dear friends. We are coming to you at a most significant and pivotal time on Earth. Whether you are aware of it or not, affairs in the lives of incarnating souls on your planet are reaching a place of peak intensity. The unremitting stress that so many are experiencing is beginning to erode their ability to see and understand the significance of what is transpiring in their lives.

For this reason, we would like to focus on the underlying pattern of the human condition that is emerging at the present time. The long established way of life that has been in existence for eons is dissolving and disappearing at a rapid rate. What has always been the accepted standard no longer exists, which is causing confusion and despair for the many who are attempting to live according to the old norms and mores.

A New Heaven and a New Earth are in the process of emerging on Earth. A major cycle of many centuries is coming to a close, which is requiring the people of your planet to experience a total change in the perception of who they are and how they live. For many centuries, the vast majority of people on Earth placed their emphasis on the physical and intellectual arena of life.

This focus allowed great progress to occur in the material enhancement of life. People were able to get beyond bare subsistence and began to have leisure time available for creative exploration in areas not sought out before. Humanity reached new heights in physical growth and development. Now is the time, however, for the people of Earth to turn in a new direction.

What is that new direction you may ask?  It is two-fold in nature. First and foremost, you must see yourself as you truly are – an incarnating soul residing for a specific period on Earth in order to grow spiritually. It is time for you to realize fully that your human body is activated by an inner soul, which is the true essence of who you are.

We have spoken often to you about your soul being the guiding force in your life. We constantly come back to this topic because it is the single most important reality human beings need to incorporate into their world view at the present time. Once you accept this truth, new doors of human experience will open themselves up to you in a wide variety of ways.

We would like to give you a brief glimpse of what we mean here. A soul-infused person exhibits abilities that are considered beyond what people currently are capable of on the third dimension. The first is an expanded intuitive knowing regarding people and events in your life, which is not supported by factual awareness. Recognizing the subtle flow of energies that ebb and flow around you, and beginning to sense the reality of events before they actually occur are capabilities readily available to the soul-infused person.

When you are connected to the soul within, it is possible to experience the totality of other aspects of yourself – your etheric, emotional, and mental bodies – all of which constitute an important part of who you really are. The etheric body resides just outside the physical body and reflects at a more sensitive level the true condition of the physical body. The medical practice of the future will be able to show the etheric body on film and use this information in advanced methods of diagnosis for healing.

One other development that may occur as you expand spiritually is the ability to see and connect with the other beings residing on the many realms of spirit. Accepting the reality of your own soul can facilitate your capacity to be in touch with those residing on other realms. This experience should be entered into carefully and always in a prayerful and meditative state to guarantee that it is occurring in a field of light and love.

An additional capacity a person with soul awareness has is the ability to access the universal frequency band, which contains all the knowledge and information that could ever be needed on any subject. All you have to do is quiet yourself and connect with your soul essence. Focus on the frequency band, formulate with strong intent the information you wish to receive, and the answer or how to find it will come into your mind easily.

The most important result of being connected to your soul essence is the sense of peace and harmony that will become your permanent state. You will come to accept all that is occurring as part of a larger divine plan and for your highest good. You will begin to see the positive role of spirit in all that is occurring, even though it may not be readily evident in its outer manifestation. In summary, you will see all of life through the eyes of your soul, not those of your human body.

What we have presented above are just some of the expanded capabilities human beings are developing. Accepting one’s soul reality and then learning to act in coordination with it in every aspect of life is the new direction incarnating souls are currently in the process of taking on planet Earth. Embrace this new way of being. It has required a long time to reach this point, but it has been well worth it, has it not?