August 2012 – Violence – A Force Assisting Spiritual Growth

We welcome you, our dear friends. For dear friends you really are. As we send messages to you and you receive our words, a spiritual bond of friendship is created. Our connection possesses an energetic component, which uplifts and transforms at a more profound level than you realize. This bond is activated each month with the first sentence we send and continues throughout the entire transmission.

For this reason, we ask that you consciously attune to the powerful imprint our monthly contact has as you read our message. A much deeper connection is happening that you may have been unaware of. One of the most significant developments in the evolution of the human race on Earth occurring at this time is the conscious linkage that is becoming widespread between the realms of matter and spirit.

With this thought in mind, we would like to address the issue of violence that has been endemic in the affairs of humans on your planet for eons. Souls incarnating on the third dimension are experiencing one of the densest force fields that exists in creation. In order to bring about profound spiritual transformation at this level, there must be the will, power and force to do so.

Violence, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, is the most effective means of bringing about change, because it has the strongest imprint upon the human psyche. For this reason, from the earliest days there has always been an undercurrent on your planet promoting the introduction of violence into any situation.

Potential violence against oneself, another, or the environment in general exists in many situations that incarnating souls face on Earth. How do we define violence? In human terms, it exists wherever doing harm or the need to destroy is found. At a spiritual level, however, wherever a lack of love and respect exist, the seeds of violence are in evidence.

Violence in many different forms has escalated in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries on your planet. The reason for this can be found in the universal plan in which Earth plays a part. Everything that exists in the many realms of the Creator is experiencing major spiritual advancement. Therefore, a crescendo or peak is being reached by life on every dimensional level.

On Earth, the potential for violence is a formative part of the Divine Plan. As incarnating souls advance into the fourth dimension of time and space, violence will no longer be the force assisting spiritual growth. In order for this change to occur, love and respect for all life must have become the prevailing mode of interaction in all affairs on the third dimension.

In the past month, a template has emerged that shows most powerfully the polarity that currently exists for humans on your planet. Violence in its most destructive form surfaced in the United States in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin where many were shot and killed. The human pain and suffering surrounding these events were horrific.

At the same time, young athletes from all over the world gathered in London, England to strive for excellence in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect. The polarity within these differing situations provides a specific and concrete picture of the choice that humans on your planet face – violence and death or love and respect?

Since the United States is still the preeminent country in the world, it is the place where the issue of violence has surfaced in its most extreme form. Not only does violence exist in this country’s involvement in war, but it also occurs in the amount of deaths and murders originating within its own populace. For this reason, the United States has assumed responsibility in leading the effort for evolutionary change.

In order to do so, American citizens must face the issue of violence in their country and remove it in the most humane way possible. By so doing, the recognition will grow that doing harm in any form is unacceptable. Wherever polarity exists, it is only a step on the path towards unity and should be recognized as such. In order to reach unity, polarity and violence must end, and a higher level of agreement and working together has to be attained.

How does one achieve this state of unity? It starts with developing a respect for all life, no matter how difficult and unacceptably it is manifesting. The next step is forming a commitment to do no harm in any situation. Finally, reaching a state of unity requires bringing the energy of love and respect into all that you do. As each incarnating soul reaches this level of advancement, the next step on the journey of spiritual growth can begin.