AUGUST 2011 – Fulfilling the Purpose for Which You Were Born


We welcome you, our dear friends. All of Earth’s inhabitants are approaching a pivotal time in the history of life on your planet. Many eons of preparation have passed since the seed for the new blueprint was created. An evolutionary plan was put into motion at the outset of sentient life on Earth. This plan held within it the phases of spiritual growth that would be activated by powerful forces emitted at key junctures from the center of the galaxy.

Earth, with all the souls currently incarnating on its surface, has entered one of these extraordinary periods in human development. For many thousands of years, humanity has lived within a magnetic field that assisted strong forward movement in the human experience. In recent centuries, however, the strength of this magnetic field has continually weakened, having a dramatic effect upon all life on the planet.

This change in the vibratory field of the planet is a matter of grave concern for many. When Earth’s magnetic field was strong, it provided the background for the development of a certain type of human being. It is now time for a new, more highly evolved human to inhabit Earth. The Great Spirit that inhabits the planet and guides all that unfolds here is reducing the strength of the current magnetic field, so that one more suitable for a new human species can emerge.

A dramatic change is taking place on your planet. A shift of major proportions is in progress. This shift is being reflected on many different levels. Earth is being buffeted by raging storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, flooding and many other violent events that will change the physical topography of the land. When two centuries have passed, Earth’s landmasses will be differently configured than they are now.

This will occur, because the weakened magnetic field will precipitate a shift of Earth’ polar axis, an event that has happened at key junctures in the past. The strength or severity of the shift is still in a state of flux and cannot be predicted with any accuracy. The shift could cause a major readjustment of Earth’s continents, or it could occur with less impact in incremental steps over an extended period of time. The spiritual development of the people living on the surface of the planet will determine the severity of the shift.

Our role in bringing information to you from the realm of spirit has been to focus on how you can prepare yourselves for the changes that will be coming. We have not emphasized specific times, places or events since there are a variety of probable futures that could unfold in the years ahead. What we can say with certainty is that Earth will experience powerful physical upheavals, which will disrupt and change the way people live on the planet for centuries to come.

Our primary purpose for being in communication with you during these past years has been to show you how to live in a state of high well-being as these events unfold. At the outset of 2010, we told you that Earth was entering a three year cycle that would provide the blueprint or pattern for the entire century. At the end of the three years in 2012, we will identify the major themes of this three year cycle with you, so that you will have a template to guide you in the years ahead.

At the present time, we would like to review the many kinds of preparation we discussed with you in 2010. We showed you how to develop involved detachment and achieve emotional equilibrium. If you are weakened by anxiety, fear or negativity, you will not be able to manifest what you want or need in the future. We also asked that you develop a sharply honed mental focus in order to deal effectively with the coming times.

We invited you to form a powerful energetic connection by merging your awareness directly with the heart and soul of the planet. We also requested that you support and assist her as she moves through an intense period of purification and that you make a personal commitment to purify yourself in body, mind and spirit, just as your planet is doing.

We presented the final step in preparation by asking that you open the pathway to your soul. This is the single most important action that a human being on Earth can perform. At your core, each of you is a unit of spiritual essence brought into being by a Universal Intelligence to which you are always connected. When you are firmly grounded in this reality, you will have made a major step up the spiral of life.

When you establish this connection, you will become aware that your soul essence has existed since the beginning of your universe and will continue to do so until this period of manifestation ends. Your sojourn on Earth is just one of many you have experienced, as you have moved through the dimensions of time, space and beyond. There is no need to fear what is coming in your world. You are meant to create, grow and love in every type of conceivable situation. You may want to review the transmissions for 2010 on this website to anchor again the steps of preparation.

2011, which was identified at the outset as a year of turbulence, has turned out to be so at many different levels. The midpoint of the three year cycle of 2010, 2011 and 2012 was passed in July. As the inhabitants of Earth move through the remainder of this year and progress through 2012, a different tenor and tone will start to emerge in those who live on the planet.

Many will experience an opening and expansion in the way they see themselves and why they are here on Earth at this time. Latent skills and abilities will surface, to be used for the great evolutionary step humans are in the process of taking. Many will start to fulfill the purpose for which they were born and find peace in that knowledge. There will be a greater sense of connection to others, the planet, and the Creative Source of the Universe.

As many eliminate their fear regarding the events of the future, it will be possible to see life as a great adventure to be lived in an incredible time of spiritual expansion. The constriction that fear creates will be removed allowing each body to become less dense and emit more light, which will irradiate the Old World as it disappears and welcome in the New World that is waiting to emerge. It is a wondrous time to live is it not?

The Lightbringers