August 2009 – Building a Firm Foundation


We welcome you, our dear friends. 2009 has begun the descent into the latter half of its yearly cycle. This portion of the year will have a very different energy matrix from that of the prior seven months. The theme for the year has been firmly established and has reached the peak of creative power during June and July. 2009 now is beginning its period of completion.

By this we mean that the pattern, which has been unfolding since the outset of 2009, is in place and ready to be grounded as reality. Understanding the energetic components of a cycle and drawing upon them is essential to receiving the abundance readily available to everyone.

The remaining months of this year will support establishing a foundation in the areas of your life, which have been dominant since January. The power of this foundation will depend upon how strong your intent has been at the outset of the year and to what degree you have been able to consciously create it.

If you are not aware of any matter needing attention, we ask that you review what has happened to you since January. Can you recognize some key issues that have been of primary importance? Identify them as your theme for the year. Know that they are part of what the universe has provided for you to grow spiritually.

All sentient life is on a journey of exploration through the many universes of time, space and beyond. The primary purpose of the soul is to gain knowledge and to love and create within the framework of the Creator’s many dimensions. It is as simple as that! If one could see from this perspective, the experiences of life, both positive and negative, would take on a different significance.

Cycles provide key supporting energies for the soul on its journey. Visualize in your mind’s eye a circle. It has no beginning or end. Its structure is complete and whole in every way. As a symbol, it describes perfectly the energy found within a cycle. A circle begins, proceeds to half its length in time and space, and then returns back to the point from whence it started. This perfectly describes the path of a cycle.

Now let us apply the symbol of a circle to the year 2009. The key issues you faced during the first half of the year have reached their point of greatest expression. They now will sink into your soul as knowledge gained through experience. Earth provides a fertile field for soul growth, because of the intensity of the lessons learned within its third dimension.

How will the remainder of the year’s cycle unfold? This is a most important question, since it involves recognizing and then drawing upon the power to maximize one’s life. Review the key issues you have faced and see the importance of them for your spiritual growth and development. The next step involves becoming aware of the shift in the energy pattern the remaining months will hold.

The key human experiences occurring in your lives during the first seven months need recognition and grounding. The energy of the last part of the year, however, possesses a very different quality. The time for experiencing and seeking understanding is over. Some degree of comprehension has been reached, and now the emphasis will be on transferring the knowledge gained into human awareness and practice.

Let us provide a specific example for how this process works. To illustrate our point, we will use a person who wanted to concentrate on improving physical health. The intent sent a clear message to the soul that this was a high priority and that the person was ready to concentrate on this goal. This purpose set into motion the events in the life that followed.

The person established certain practices to enhance physical well being, which resulted in life style changes. Any hidden weaknesses in the body or physical issues needing to be addressed surfaced. The focus shifted to getting in touch with the underlying causes requiring healing and addressing them at a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

Once this phase was completed and the knowledge of how to improve physical health was gained, the individual was ready for the remainder of the cycle. The energy changed from creation, exploration and discovery to building a firm foundation based on new knowledge regarding the physical body.

Cycles have different durations. The actual time involved in them can vary, but the pattern described above always remains the same. By recognizing the different energy found within a cycle and drawing upon its power, human beings are co-creating with Source. The more they are able to do so, the higher they will progress up the spiral of life, ultimately completing their journey back to the Creator from whence they came.