August 2008 – Developing the Gift of Sight


We welcome you, our dear friends. At this time, we would like to speak with you about the phenomenon of contact to human beings on Earth from a group soul. Even though this concept has become more common place in recent years, it still seems unbelievable to many people. They can not accept that there are countless unseen worlds with a multiplicity of beings inhabiting them all over the universe.

For eons, the people of your planet have been cut off from participation in the rich diversity that exists on many different levels of life. This separation has been part of a divine plan. The intent was to submerge those incarnating on Earth into the densest level of physical matter, in order to imprint deeply on the fabric of the soul the experiences received on this plane.

The third dimension is one of the primary laboratories for soul growth in the universe. It anchors lessons learned in a profoundly powerful way, which then accelerates the soul’s journey into the subtle and refined experiences of higher planes. For this reason, Earth is a most significant stopping place for the soul on its return to Source.

There are two challenges facing incarnating souls on your planet. The first centers around absorbing the awareness gained through many painful experiences into the wisdom of the soul. On Earth, the most important knowledge needed for soul growth is gained through trial and testing. Addressing the dilemmas and uncertainties of life provides fertile ground for the soul’s progress.

The imprint from challenging experiences is deep and permanent and never is lost or forgotten. Therefore, the first aspect of life on the third-dimension is to assimilate the knowledge gained from life’s trials into soul wisdom and knowing. The second challenge is quite different. The incarnating soul has the additional task of never losing the connection to spirit even though the density of the third dimension hides and distorts this reality.

Our task, down through time, has been to provide contact for people able to accept that there are a multiplicity of beings and planes of existence generally not known by those living on the third-dimension. Those who have started to discern this truth are becoming aware of what exists beyond the plane of physical matter. Once a soul is able to experience the third dimension fully, while maintaining a link to the realm of spirit, mastery has been achieved.

Only then will the soul be ready to move up to the next rung on the spiral of life. Those of you who receive information from the realm of spirit, whether from us or other sources, and absorb it into your soul knowing are moving towards completion of your sojourn on this plane. You are beginning to establish an Earth-Spirit connection.

Now, we would like to speak about the importance of attuning to and actually experiencing the diversity of life all about you, which can not be seen with your third-dimensional viewing ability. We ask that you start to develop the extrasensory capacity to actually see higher dimensional realities existing in your world. If you are willing to do so, the next question is how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

There are some simple steps that will help you see what is not currently visible to you. First and foremost, you must believe there are rich and diverse energy fields all about you that you have been unable to tap into. By establishing this belief system, you are opening up the doors to higher dimensions. You also will be activating unused pathways in the brain that will register and record the new realities you are encountering.

The second step is asking for the capacity to view some aspect of this unseen world. By activating the Law of Intent, you will be calling upon coalescing forces to help you. There are spiritual beings throughout your universe whose primary task is to assist souls that want to grow and expand. Linking with them is essential for an Earth-Spirit connection.

The third step involves developing what we call “soft eyes”. Close your eye lids until they are only partially open. Your ability to see will become somewhat obscured, as if you are looking through a blurred mirror. This step is important because only by modifying your vision will you be able to see what exists beyond the boundaries of physical sight.

Rapidly, or more slowly over time, you may discern the energy fields existing all about you. You, also, may be able to see the auras surrounding fellow human beings, animals and plant life. Presently, there are cameras that record the size and colors found in the human aura, the energy field surrounding the body. Over time, physical sight will be able to accomplish the same result.

It is possible for you to see the greater depth and beauty found in nature by expanding your physical sight. Those, who are able to develop their seeing apparatus to this degree, will be able to perceive other beings existing within their world. A small percentage of those living on Earth at the present times already have this capability and are serving as way showers for the rest of humanity.

As you go about your daily lives with its many satisfying experiences and challenges, we ask that you also set aside time, only if ever so briefly, to expand your third-dimensional sight. By developing the ability to perceive the teeming unseen life on your planet, you are fulfilling the second reason you came to Earth. You are here to establish a linkage and connection between spirit and matter. It is singularly one of the most important things you can do.

Presently, a small number of incarnating souls will be able to develop this gift of sight. Over time, as more and more people become proficient in extrasensory viewing, a gradual shift of monumental proportions will occur. When a commonality of experience develops to a certain degree, it becomes a societal reality accepted by all. Begin to expand your human seeing capability; so that some time in the future human beings will take for granted that they live in a world filled with realities that can not even be envisioned today.