August 2007 – A Journey into the Eternal Now


We welcome you, our dear friends. For friends you truly are. Having the interest and commitment to read our monthly transmissions in an ongoing and regular fashion places you in a special relationship with us. Together we have formed a connection between the realm of spirit and the world of matter – a most unusual type of interaction indeed. In truth, those of you who take in and process our messages are participating in an energetic imprint, which expands your consciousness.

The veil between the many dimensions within your universe is thinning. This process has occurred often during the history of your planet, but it has been many eons since it last took place. This is one of the reasons why the inhabitants of Earth are living in such significant times. An opening into the energy fields between dimensions is happening throughout your universe – making this a period of great spiritual advancement.

The contact between those living on your planet and those who have died is becoming more widespread. A growing number of people are telling about communications they have had with loved ones who have passed on. Also, the first tentative steps are being taken by a very few to move into the realm of fourth dimensional consciousness.

Life on Earth operates within the matrix of third dimensional reality, which anchors every aspect of physical matter in a very concrete way. The next dimension above the third is the fourth dimension, which includes all the elements of time. As we have discussed in our second book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home, when one enters the fourth dimension, the experiences one has revolve around time.

Time on this dimension is not segmented into past, present and future. Every aspect of life occurs simultaneously in what we shall call the Eternal Now. When one is able to enter the fourth dimension, it is possible to view past, present and future together in one unified whole where there is no separation. Being able to see in this manner expands the spiritual capability and mental capacity of the being, elevating one to a more advanced way of life.

Entering multidimensional consciousness is a complex and demanding process requiring much preparation, which includes strengthening oneself physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We have spoken at great length about this subject in The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. To begin this process, however, we are providing you with a simple, preliminary step that will begin to open the pathways into fourth dimensional consciousness.

Our monthly transmissions have been offering you a way for moving into the Eternal Now. Think back over the transmissions for this past year. Have you noticed that very often one month’s transmission seems to have addressed a key issue that surfaced for you recently or in the previous month? While reflecting on this awareness in the present, have you been able to incorporate what you have learned into what will transform your future for the better?

If you have been able to accomplish what we have presented here, you are participating in something, which faintly resembles the fourth dimension of time. You have looked at a past transmission, seen how it applies directly to the present and then have transformed your future with this knowledge, if you so choose. You have united all three elements of time into the Eternal Now and have been given a brief glimpse of what you will encounter when you enter the fourth dimension.

Why is it important to rise to a higher dimensional level? It is significant because the human race is ending its long sojourn within the dense materiality of the third dimension. The next step on its evolutionary journey back to Source is to enter, to experience fully, and then master the higher dimensions. For this reason, we ask that you focus on your spiritual growth and development in order to move up the spiral of life.

By doing what we have described above, you will start to expand your awareness in ways you can not comprehend on a conscious level. You will change your molecular structure and rearrange the DNA in your body. Your brain function will increase as you open new electrical pathways to reflect your expanded reality. All of this will happen if you are willing to embark upon a journey into the Eternal Now.