August 2006 – Bringing the Planet to a Higher Level


We welcome you, our dear friends. We appreciate having the opportunity to communicate with you at this so pivotal time in human evolution. The connection between the spiritual dimensions and the earthly plane has been growing steadily during the past three decades. There always have been individuals who possessed the ability to attune to other realms of existence, but now humanity is moving up the spiral of life as a cohesive unit. In order to accomplish this major evolutionary step, communication with spirit now includes a wide variety of individuals living in locales all over the globe.

The best visual image describing this phenomenon is a dyke, which holds back the powerful forces of the sea, beginning to spring leaks along its entire structure. There is a direct analogy between this image and the increased communication between Earth and the spirit realms that has been gaining momentum in recent years. As incarnating souls throughout the planet start to connect with spirit, there is a fusion occurring between their higher self and their human personality of which they oft times are completely unaware.

This combining of the soul essence with many aspects of the human nature is starting to create a new type of human being – one possessing more highly advanced capabilities – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For many these contacts with spirit are conscious while for others they are occurring at the subconscious level, unrecognized by the individuals having them. In either case, this spiritual linking is starting to effect a momentous evolutionary change.

Higher vibrational waves of light encoded particles having been coming into the Earth plane in ever increasing intensity since the late 1980’s. These more powerful emanations have been breaking up, ever so slowly, the dense crystallization of the planet’s energy grid. In tandem with this progression is the weakening of the planet’s electromagnetic force field, which is facilitating the infusion. How can this seemingly abstract information be significant during a time when the world seems awash in violent warfare and strife?

What we say here is important because it points to the peace and harmony that will be the ultimate outcome of the current mayhem. Anger, strife and war simply cannot flourish where the spiritual light of love, cooperation and harmony become the order of the day. These more highly evolved aspects of human interaction are carried on vibratory particles of light. Therefore, any situation that turns conflict into cooperation brings more light onto the planet and contributes positively to the transformation of Earth.

As people focus on escalating warfare throughout the globe, many feel they are unable to impact the conflict in a positive way. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Every thought and action that emanates from a desire for peace and love brings a vibration onto Earth that is more refined than the dense force field of anger and strife. As this vibration spreads, it will start to eradicate the darkness that has been so prevalent for millennia.

We do not want to imply that transformation will be quick or easy. But every step will help bring Earth, a laboratory for soul growth, to a more advanced level of functioning. So we ask that you approach any conflict or strife in your daily lives with a spirit of peaceful cooperation. Most of you cannot see the beautiful waves of light particles that emanate from loving thoughts and actions. If you could, you would accelerate this process a hundredfold.

Refuse to be pulled into fear and polarity, which are the breeding grounds for conflict. Reject viewing any individual, group or country as the enemy. Every person on the planet is connected at an energetic and vibratory level. How can someone that is a part of you be the enemy? We know this idea may be difficult to attain given the destructive actions that are so prevalent today. But everyone who lives on Earth is a part of the human family. Conflict within this family will stop when respect and cooperation are the only acceptable ways to end strife.

Military force will never bring peace to any area of the planet. It will only foment more aggression, which will surface sooner or later. So we ask each person living at this time to pray for and meditate on peace. Make yourself an impeccable emissary for peace by being respectful and cooperative in all of your interactions. If you can do so, you will be one of the throngs of light bearers who are bringing your planet to a higher level of functioning in this universe of the Creator. You are loved and supported always by the realm of Spirit.