April 2017 – Shifting Into a More Refined State


We welcome you, our dear friends. It is a most beautiful time of the year for all inhabitants of the planet living in the northern hemisphere. Life is emerging in the natural world with a vibrancy and promise of renewal that is uplifting on many different levels. It is always beneficial to set time aside and connect with the burgeoning life all about you. The most powerful energy of the year can be found in the spring when the thrust of renewed life surfaces for another cycle of manifestation.

Ancient societies always celebrated the reappearance of spring with festivals and ceremonies honoring new life. Time was set aside to identify the themes that the new cycle of life held in promise. Care was taken to identify the key issues the new cycle held in nascent form and a commitment was made to use these issues as a guide during the months ahead.

Life currently on Earth revolves around technology that is not attuned to the natural rhythms of the planet. Because of this, there is a serious disconnect between human beings and the natural rhythms, which are continuously available to all incarnating souls on Earth. Since this is so, the months of April and May in the northern hemisphere are not recognized for the power and influence they possess over all areas of life.

One of the most significant elements regarding the spiritual growth and development of incarnating souls on Earth is reconnection to the vibratory rhythms of the planet and the conscious use of these rhythms for spiritual advancement. Your planet has an indwelling spirit of great power and beauty. She is in the process of rising to a higher spiritual level so that she can provide the appropriate setting for the more advanced souls who are waiting to enter Earth’s vibratory field.

We have spoken earlier about the power and significance of spring energies in every human’s life. We speak of it now because it is essential that incarnating souls connect with the energy field of the planet while life everywhere is being bombarded with destructive vibratory waves. Disruptive energies are surfacing all over Earth causing a spiritual turbulence that is breaking up existing forms in every area of life. The old way of life is retreating into the past as a new Earth is emerging before our very eyes.

We ask that instead of focusing on what is changing and ending that you recognize the seeds of a new way of life that are beginning to sprout and grow into something very different from what currently exists. It is essential that the promise of this new and better way support and uphold you as you cope with the rapid and disintegrating energies that are prevalent everywhere.

We ask you to embrace and accept the fact that many values and current ways of life will be modified or end in the decades ahead. Holding on to the old will not sustain or support you as humans experience a major recalibration in all areas of existence. We ask that you recognize any part of your life that is currently under stress and identify how you are dealing with it. Are you flexible and open to what you can learn from it?

Flexibility will be an essential characteristic needed for spiritual advancement in the coming years. It will not serve you well to cling to outmoded patterns of behavior that are no longer needed. The way to identify them is that a stress factor accompanies them. Stress is the red light identifying the issue needing scrutiny. A serene, balanced, peaceful state will provide the ballast and support required during these times of rapid change. It is your challenge to determine how to reach this state.

You can begin by recognizing the power and vibrancy of the emanations of spiritual energy in your world. That energy can stabilize, strengthen and heal you on many different levels. Take time each day to connect to these energy fields. For a time you will not see the energy but will start to feel a difference in your body as you build up your receptivity. If you set aside a short period every day, you will begin to shift your own vibratory field into a more refined state.

Some of you will actually begin to see the energies surrounding you, which will open the door to higher more refined realms. Once you actually can see these vibratory waves undulating around you, you have begun to move out of third dimensional reality and are beginning to enter the fourth dimension of time and space. A most auspicious period to begin this process is in the spring of the year since supporting energies for this type of endeavor are the strongest.

We ask that each day for a short period of time you shift your focus from what is happening in your outer world to the inner space of your soul essence. It is absolutely imperative that your perceptions of life shift into a higher, more refined state. In order for this to happen, spiritual discipline must be applied so that you can expand and grow. Whenever possible, seek out settings in nature. Once you can see the vibratory waves in your world, a connection will be established that will change you forever.