April 2016 – Shifting into a Higher State of Consciousness


We welcome you, our dear friends. It is our joy to be able to come to you at such a significant time in the affairs of incarnating souls on planet Earth. It is very difficult for you to see the spiritual significance of what is unfolding in your lives. The powerful influx of vibratory energy from the center of your solar system is ever increasing in a regular and continuous way. It is infiltrating every nook and cranny of life as you know it.

Those who have had knowledge of and have been attuned to the evolution of life on Earth down through the ages participated in preparatory practices with the knowledge that they were contributing to the evolutionary growth of your planet. They knew that the twenty-first century in your system of counting would be the time of a massive shift in consciousness, and they were happy to hold a strong supportive intent to assist in its birthing.

The first step in this shift is a period of planetary purification, which is essential preparation for the introduction of a more highly refined level of human existence. As human beings have evolved to a higher state, they have emitted more light, which helps to irradiate the planet and raise its vibratory rate. At the same time, however, a residue of negative energy has accumulated, which needs to be dissipated and released. This is what is happening presently all over Earth.

We would ask that you treat this transmission as the third step of a triad including the transmissions of February and March of this year. You can access these two transmissions through the archives on this server’s website. The purification process is accelerating bringing about a shift in consciousness on the parts of many incarnating souls. This process releases any areas of fear and establishes a firm foundation of trust that everything unfolding in your life is for the highest good.

Many of you are facing one or more areas of deep distress or pain in some aspect of your life. They have surfaced to assist in your spiritual growth and development. In the years ahead every soul on Earth will be called upon to participate in some type of service for the higher good. Any negativity or darkness needs to be released so that each person can ascend into this expanded capacity.

How is it possible to weather the turbulence and storms of this purification process? The first step is to accept that whatever is happening in your life causing you pain ultimately is for your highest good and that there is a vast reservoir of spiritual support assisting you in this process. The second step is to establish, if you have not done so already, a regular, daily connection with your inner soul wisdom.

I would like to quote something we said earlier about faith and conviction in the rightness of what is unfolding in your life being the true outlook of the spiritually enlightened person. Anxiety and pain can never take hold when this view of life is held. You can achieve this confidence and conviction by attuning to your own inner wisdom through meditation, prayer or other spiritual practices that raise your vibratory rate and bring you into contact with your soul essence.

There is also a simple but powerful exercise that can be of great assistance on the emotional, mental level as you face difficult issues in your life. When a painful concern surfaces, acknowledge its force in your life and then move from its negativity to its polar opposite. Visualize the positive situation that will serve as a counterbalance to what is disturbing you.

By shifting your consciousness from the negative to the positive in any situation the healing power of duality is activated. Once the recognition of duality is achieved, it is possible to comprehend the positive goal of unifying spiritual love, which underlies the true essence your situation is bringing you. It is so simple but profound. When faced with a painful situation, acknowledge it and then shift to its positive opposite and hold that space.

By doing this, you will move into a higher state of consciousness, one that will allow you to face your concerns and address them from an expanded perspective – one of greater understanding and love. As more people on your planet transmute the negativity in their lives, human behavior will change and be transcended to a higher level of human functioning. Those of you currently in incarnation will be the way showers for those who are to come.

In order for this to happen, it will be necessary for you to address and release the negativity in your lives by invoking and visualizing its polar opposite. Every time you do this, you will be creating a new, more positive reality that will replace the previous negativity. A cleansing and purification will occur that purifies you but also contributes to a more enlightened planet.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough the extraordinary importance of living on Earth at the present time. All life on your planet is being impacted by massive change, which results in a very high level of stress. The challenge for each of you is to build a strong, steady persona that will weather the storms of life. If you are able to do so, you will be able to ride the waves of change in a state of high wellbeing. This is what you came to do. Our role is just to remind you.