April 2015 – Achieving Unity through Duality


We welcome you, our dear friends. It is a beautiful time of the year for us to be in communication with you. In the Northern Hemisphere of your planet, life is stirring and emerging for a new yearly cycle of growth, while the Southern Hemisphere is preparing to move into a time of silence and rest. These two polarities offer a clear reflection of the energy construct within which all life revolves on your planet. On Earth’s plane, duality is the underlying energy field supporting the human condition.

It is very important that you recognize the fact that duality is operational in all that unfolds in your world. Just reflect for a moment on the polarity implicit in every aspect of life. Day, night, hot, cold, up, down, in, out, dark, light, love, hate – these are just a few examples of the dual structure encapsulating life on Earth. Souls on their spiritual journey reside for a time in the fields of duality to learn the important lesson that duality provides.

What is the learning gained within the experience of duality? It is the achieving of unity, a state of higher spiritual growth and development. So it is that all experiences human beings have on Earth occur within a dual matrix. The time has come for incarnating souls on Earth to view themselves and what unfolds in their lives as always being dual in nature.

When you recognize that there are two opposing realities existing within every issue surfacing in your life and act to find the unity implicit in that awareness, you will move into a higher state of balance and harmony. Why does what we have said here have such significance? It is so because extreme polarity is at its highest all over the globe. Conflict can be found between religions, nations, groups and individuals. It seems as if much that exists can be found in a state of opposition – one against another.

It requires a heightened spirituality to recognize that the polarizing duality existing everywhere is an essential step towards achieving a state of higher consciousness. The shift needed to move from duality to unity must start with the smallest unit – one human being. Every time one incarnating soul moves off an entrenched position to respect and embrace that which is opposite, the light of unity grows.

For this reason, we ask that you consider any conflict occurring in your life as an opportunity to grow spiritually by achieving unity regarding it. A basic stance can be found in recognition and respect for what is opposite with a desire to find a unifying principle underlying the conflict. This is one of the most important tasks for spiritual servers on Earth at the present time.

Seeds of peace are being planted everywhere in contrast to the way it appears outwardly. As any gardener knows, once a seed is planted it takes a period of time for growth to appear. Any time you have been able to bring peaceful energy into a conflicted situation, you have contributed directly to the spiritual growth of the planet and the people incarnating on her surface.

What we are saying here might appear simplistic at first glance. On the contrary, it is profound on all levels. When confronted with an opposing view, are you able to immediately move into a state of respect and ultimately arrive at a unifying principle implicit in the situation? When one operates out of respect and love, conflict and strife are impossible to maintain.

And yet throughout Earth, heightened states of conflict and strife exist. Polarity is endemic between religions, nations, political groups, families and individuals. The power of this negative energy is affecting the planet and all those who live on her surface in many unseen ways. While it is true that your planet cycles through differing weather patterns down through time, the current severe climatic conditions can be attributed directly to the negative thoughts and actions of its inhabitants.

Most people view what is transpiring in their world as something beyond their ability to affect positively. This belief is simply not true. Every time you are able to create unity out of duality, you have eliminated one source of dark energy and allowed the light of spirit to shine forth. At its most basic level, however, duality exists within each and every individual currently in incarnation. Recognition of this duality is essential for everyone who aspires to grow spiritually.

At its most basic level, incarnating souls experience the inner struggle between what is positive and what is negative on an ongoing personal level throughout their lives. For many people, the negative is what surfaces first for them in any given situation. Extreme vigilance is required to be aware that this is happening and a shift in perspective to the positive is required.

Since a continuous state of love and respect is the ultimate spiritual goal for Earth’s humanity, we ask that you give careful consideration to what we have said here. Every situation, no matter how extreme, contains the seeds of a higher spiritual expression. What is needed is the dedication and commitment to strive for the potential unity that can exist in all areas of life. This is the challenge confronting the people of Earth. You came here to participate in this process. For this, you are truly blessed indeed.