April 2014 – Transmutation – Essential for Spiritual Growth


We welcome you, our dear friends. We want to express our appreciation to those of you who are attuning to our messages on a monthly basis. We also welcome the people who have joined us recently in this process of spirit-human interaction. For approximately twenty-five years we have been in direct contact with the source receiving our transmissions. We also have been communicating with other receivers around the globe for an extended period of time.

Throughout the universe in which you reside, there are many different dimensions of life unfolding simultaneously. Earth’s system resides in a three-dimensional energy field. This energy vortex is an extremely powerful one for transmutation and spiritual growth. The physical intensity of life on your planet indelibly imprints personal experience causing acceleration upward on the spiral of life.

At the spiritual level, it is considered an honor to be selected for life on your planet. Many of you on the spiritual path often fail to see the positive role Earth’s life experiences have for you. The desire to be free from the physical confines of Earth is often heard from spiritual seekers. This intent totally misses how valuable an incarnation lived on your planet can be for spiritual advancement.

We ask that if you are experiencing any negative thoughts about living within Earth’s energy field that you open your mind to the greater benefits and advantages this planet has to offer for you on all levels. Try to reach a place of gratitude and joy for the beauty of what is being provided you. We ask that daily you give thanks for the amazing life experience you are having on this beautiful blue-green planet.

If you are able to do this no matter what is unfolding all about you, you will be in a continuous state of transcendence emitting a spiritual vibration in all types of experiences whether they are positive or negative. It is one of the highest spiritual states that can be reached on Earth’s plane. It is essential that you honor it. There is great spiritual power coming from universal forces during this month of April, which will assist the transformation that is underway.

Once transcendence is achieved on an ongoing basis, a new spiritual state begins to surface. It is the life experience of transmutation. Transmutation involves changing from a lower form into one that is more highly advanced. Many of you are starting to be changed and upgraded at a profound level of being. Because this process is extremely intense and requires much internal energy, many are experiencing fatigue and a sense of malaise, for which there appears to be no physical cause.

It is important that you understand what is happening to you. Many of you are now moving into perhaps the most pivotal time in your current incarnation. Not only are you beginning a profound process of change, you are shifting from one persona to a more highly evolved state of being. An example of this was the alchemical belief that base metals could be transmuted into gold. Alchemy presented a concrete example showing that it was possible for a human being to change and transmute into a more advanced form.

The universal energy emanations coming onto the planet are beginning to accelerate the transmutation process. How do you know if you are in the throes of transmutation? If you can quiet yourselves and answer the following questions, it may become clearer to you. Are you functioning at a higher more positive level in many areas of your life? Have you been able to establish more serenity in your interpersonal relationships?

Have you incorporated spiritual practices into your daily life? Have you become wiser and more balanced in dealing with the ongoing issues that surface from day to day? Are you able to access your soul wisdom and sense at an intuitive level the energy fields circulating around you? If you can answer yes to these questions, then you have begun the process of transmutation. You are changing into a more highly evolved human being.

When an individual transmutes into someone who is more refined at a vibratory level, that person emits a higher frequency into the planet’s energy field. As more and more people move to an advanced level of personal functioning, the planet will undergo a shift of massive proportions. The painful aspects of conflict and personal suffering will diminish exponentially as the increased light of spirit irradiates the planet.

We hope you can see how important it is that each individual make a commitment to transmute into a higher level of being. In so doing, a fertile ground is being prepared for those will be coming to usher in a new and better world. They need to have a firmly established energy field that will support their refined vibratory natures. The souls incarnating at the present time on Earth are establishing the bridge over which those in the future will walk. Transmuting to a higher level of being is the most significant spiritual service you can provide.