April 2013 – Create a Celebratory Ritual


We welcome you, our dear friends. We ask that you take a moment out of your busy lives to celebrate the beginning of the new cycle of existence that has started for souls incarnating on Earth. Why do we ask this of you? We do so because celebratory rituals performed during the unfolding of cycles are no longer part of daily life on your planet. Many past cultures understood the importance of honoring with ceremonies the passing of a certain phase of existence or the introduction of a new one.

These former cultures set aside specific days where all mundane activity ceased and life was focused on a spiritual theme that was important for that period of time. Earlier people knew that vibratory energies from a higher level impacted them in countless ways that could not be seen or quantified. So it was that they structured their lives to include certain days in the year where they turned their attention to matters of the spirit.

These devotional practices do not exist within most cultures in the world today.  Indigenous peoples are the only ones that perform them with any regularity. Why do we even speak of this matter to you at this time? We do so because being aware of the energy fields impacting one and honoring them is an important step for incarnating souls to incorporate into their patterns of daily living.

We are asking that you create your own ritual in which you connect with the waves of vibratory spiritual energy that exist all about you and affect you in countless unseen ways. Since society as a whole does not have a system in place to honor and celebrate the unfolding of spiritual energy, it means that you will need to create one yourself. How can you do this? It is really a far simpler task than you might imagine.

Establish your own ritual by selecting a certain time in the month when you will go into a quiet, inwardly focused state of heightened receptivity. Slowly and inexorably sink into an altered awareness that gradually removes you from your life on the physical plane. Feel the boundaries of your body weaken as you begin to merge with the spiritual frequencies around you. Become one with these energies and learn what you need to know about the significance of your current life and what is the most effective way you can live it.

Finally, honor and express gratitude for being able to live within this time and space.  The individuals currently incarnating on Earth have volunteered and been chosen to assist humanity as it moves forward into a new, more advanced age. The lessons learned by previous people have contributed to the growth and development of those living on the planet at this time. Knowledge regarding the spiritual energy contained in all life is surfacing again and will become the force motivating human behavior.

Down through the years when we have offered information through these transmissions, we have spoken often about the importance of understanding cycles and their impact on human life. We hope that this knowledge is part of the cornerstone for your view of reality. You need to have a firm awareness of your true nature and your existence within the current spiritual cycle your planet is experiencing.

This is why we are asking you to set aside a period of time, no matter how long or short, each month in which you connect to, honor and celebrate the unfolding of the divine plan of the Creator. If you can make this commitment, you will find your view of yourself expanding and becoming more aligned with the true nature of the energy field in which you reside. You will develop insights and awareness about your life and its significance far beyond what you presently know.

Last month we talked about living within the spirit of all things. The simple ritual we are suggesting will be of great assistance to you in achieving this goal. Celebratory rituals, no matter how small, raise the vibratory frequency of the person doing them. They also provide an ongoing reminder regarding the spiritual aspect of life, which is essential for living in the density of matter on the third dimension.

It will become more and more important for spiritual practices to become ingrained in the very fabric of life. As a new world is emerging, this birthing process will increase in intensity. To ride the wave uplifting humanity, incarnating souls must be able to meet all circumstances with balance and equanimity. Performing a personal monthly ritual will enhance the belief that everything is for the highest good and will help you to flow in harmony with the times ahead. Know that there are many beings beyond the third dimension that are always there for support and assistance.