April 2011 – Achieving Spiritual Stability


We welcome you, our dear friends. The inhabitants of Earth have just ended the first of four triads or months during this tumultuous year. All existence consists of cycles interacting within greater or lesser cycles, which then form the backdrop of life. Down through the years, we have spoken often about cycles and how important it is to recognize their role and impact upon you.

When one attunes to the rhythms of cycles, a harmony exists supporting and upholding the individual throughout the many experiences that occur for human beings on the Earth plane. The Native Americans understood the importance of cycles and sculpted their lives around the energetic matrix of the cycle.

Their primary spiritual practice consisted of dancing repetitively in a circle in order to replicate the energy pattern of the cycle. They established where each individual was in the medicine wheel, which showed them exactly what their life pattern was where they had been and where they were going. The cycles of the sun and moon also played a major role in the recognition of the forces at work in their world.

It is important for Americans to be aware that these earlier people left an energetic imprint, which is embedded in the very soil of their land. The thousands of years of habitation, accompanied by the many spiritual practices performed, provide an energetic background for the people of today. This is a fact rarely recognized by those living in these locales and holds true for any area of Earth where earlier physical existence occurred.

Why does this information have any relevance for you? It is of primary importance as you attempt to cope with the challenges of your world during the end times of the cycle you live in. All souls incarnating on Earth must expand their concept of who they are and why they are here. When you recognize the significance of cycles and where you exist within them, you will attune yourself to the universal rhythm of life, which will stabilize you at all levels.

Stability is an extremely important state to achieve as you move through the turbulence at the end of this current cycle, which is also the completion of many other great cycles of time. Turmoil and disruption will continue for an extended period, so it is of paramount importance that the people of Earth be able to maintain stable calmness as they address the many stressful incidents entering their lives.

To achieve stability, as so much is spinning out of control in your life, will be one of the most important human capacities to have now and in the future. To become stable, a person must be firmly established, steady, unchanging and not be disturbed in any way. We ask that you reflect upon this last sentence. Can you grasp the profound significance of what a stable, personal state requires of you?

All of the practices that we have discussed in the past have been aimed at grounding you in a state of spiritual stability. For a human being to be stable, it is necessary to connect with the wisdom of the soul. It is only at this level that true peace, understanding and acceptance can be reached, as you face and deal with the challenging situations entering your life.

We ask that you quiet yourself and consider thoroughly any disturbing issues facing you, whether they are personal, local, national or international in scope. Are they affecting you in a way that is causing disruption for you? If so, this turbulence is showing you that there is an area in your life that needs attention. It may be that action is required, or it also may be that you need to change the way you are viewing the matter in order to achieve harmony and balance.

After reflecting on the concept of stability, we now ask that you visualize how you would look physically and emotionally if you were in a steady, stable state in regards to the turbulence in your life. See a picture in your mind’s eye. Are you standing, sitting or moving? What is your physical demeanor? Can you identify the surroundings around you? Are you in attunement with your soul essence?

After you have answered these questions, anchor this picture in your mind and put it in your personal inner file entitled spiritual stability. You can access this file any time you feel the need. When discord or disruption enter your life, just quiet yourself, breathe deeply and rhythmically and bring up the picture you have of yourself when you are in a stable, steady state.

Stress and tension will increase incrementally in the coming years. They can be compared to the final intensity of the birth process. It is important to always keep in mind that a New World is being born, and you are one of its many midwives. Whatever is testing you at the present time is for the highest good. Do not be thrown off balance. Go within and secure yourself in your soul essence. It always will bring you to a state of peace and harmony.

When you are steady and unchanging in the face of turbulence, you emit a spiritual resonance that is very helpful to others. There will be many who are simply overwhelmed and can not cope with the serious changes occurring in their lives. Those of you, who can be undisturbed in any way as events unfold about you, will give true humanitarian assistance to the people who are unable to achieve spiritual stability. It is one of the greatest forms of service an incarnating soul can perform at the present time.