April 2010 – Thought Forms


We welcome you, our dear friends. We thank you for joining with us in this connection between different dimensions, which is becoming more common all the time. The veils between the world of matter and the realm of spirit are thinning, irradiating your planet and bringing more light into every nook and cranny of Earth.

We know that to many of you it seems as if the exact opposite is occurring, given the conflicts and wars erupting all over the globe. If you were able to see with an expanded insight, however, you would become aware of the spiritual light infiltrating the affairs of humans in a direct and powerful way.

Your planet has had a long and turbulent history, which has provided an opportunity for accelerated soul growth. The experiences and lessons gained while living on Earth are intense, given the strength of her vibratory force field. For this reason, many souls seek out Earth, knowing that they will grow and develop spiritually while they live on her surface.

Keeping this idea in mind, let us look again at the year 2010, which we have entitled a year of preparation. We have said that 2010, 2011 and 2012 form a triad that will serve as a blueprint for the entire century. We also have said that the vibrational energies coming from the center of the galaxy will increase in power and intensity in each of these three years, hence the need for preparation.

Last month, we asked that you involve yourself in the process of mental house cleaning by identifying and eradicating your negative thoughts. We asked that you raise your mind to a higher octave in order to change your world. Why was this process of mental house cleaning so important?

To answer this question, you need to know and recognize what your mental thoughts actually are. Each thought that comes into the mind of a human being takes on a life of its own. When a thought is completed, it is released from the mind and becomes a separate energy entity, which we call a thought form.

Every thought form originating on Earth eventually gravitates out into the atmospheric band encircling Earth, creating a vast record of what has existed on the mental realm of humans. How many of you are aware of the true nature of your thoughts? Have you believed that they were contained within your own mind and not shared with anyone else?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Thoughts are powerful and impact the immediate atmosphere far more directly than most people realize. The minute a thought is completed, it is released into the atmosphere surrounding the person from whom it has come. Most people do not recognize this fact, but it is a significant factor in human interaction.

Mental thought forms have far more power and force than one might think. People pick up on the vibrational quality of thoughts on a subtle level and respond subliminally even though they may not be consciously aware that this interplay is happening. Because this is so, we ask that each of you take responsibility for the quality of your thoughts.

Harmonious thoughts, which send love and respect into any situation, uplift and unite. Negative thoughts have a more dense vibration and lower the energy field into which they are projected. Many of you have become deeply committed to the environment and have adopted various ways to conserve and save energy. Expand your concept of environment to include the mental realm by monitoring and adjusting your thought patterns when they need it.

Take responsibility for the ways in which you impact your mental environment. When a negative thought comes into your mind regarding any person or situation, recognize that you are polluting your mental environment and shift to its polar opposite. For those of you who are able to maintain an affirmative and constructive point of view most of the time we say “Keep up the good work. You are a responsible contributor to your mental environment”.

We now request that you take one step further and assist in dissipating the band of energetic thought forms that currently resides in Earth’s atmosphere. Throughout a long cycle of time, thoughts emitted from humans on your planet have coalesced into a vast record of historic proportions encircling the planet. Now is the time for its removal. You can do this by mentally projecting beams of light into this energy field to dissipate and dissolve it.

A new cycle is about to begin on your planet. It deserves a clean slate, as it were. Recognize the existence of your thought forms and how they affect your environment. Continue the mental house cleaning we asked for last month and expand it to include the planet as a whole. You are powerful beings who came at this pivotal time to help usher in a New Heaven and a New Earth. You can assist humanity by helping to birth a better society coming in the future. Is that not an intriguing thought?