April 2009 – Manifesting What You Want


We welcome you, our dear friends. April is the month when spring starts in the northern hemispheres of your planet. This part of the world is beginning a new process of growth and germination on the physical plane. What is not evident, however, is the energetic increase occurring on an unseen level assisting this development.

There is a vibratory wave of subtle matter surrounding Earth, which records all that exists on the third dimension. This field also refines the more powerful energies coming into the planet from the solar system and your Milky Way Galaxy. The influx of these energies contributes significantly to the unfolding of life on your third-dimensional plane.

Our transmissions are meant to reconnect you to the awareness that you exist within an extensive vibratory field, which is far greater that you realize. We ask that you begin to think of yourselves as residing within a larger sphere of influence than that of your own planet. Once you achieve this realization, your world will open up to you in an amazing fashion.

Why is what we say here important? Incarnating souls on Earth are in the process of taking a major evolutionary step forward. We repeat this statement over and over again because it is of fundamental significance. What happens when this evolutionary step occurs? Life simply shifts and moves up onto a more advanced level.

What was tried and true for eons loses its vitality and importance. Values, customs, even the simplest elements of existence seem to lose significance and disappear. For those who cling to the status quo and are afraid of change, the evolutionary steps of humanity can be terrifying indeed. This is why we are communicating with various sources on Earth to reassure people that this is an adventurous time to be embraced and welcomed.

There is the potential for your planet and those living on it to be functioning at a much higher level two centuries from now. The seeds for a new beginning on Earth are currently being planted by humanity. If these seeds are nurtured throughout the coming decades, they will reach fruition in the centuries to come. The analogy of the garden provides a picture of the growth and change beginning to emerge all over the planet in the spring of 2009.

You need to begin to see yourselves as powerful beings who have achieved skills and abilities during your many existences on Earth. You are like baby chicks emerging from your shells. You are ready to move up the spiral of life by developing personal capabilities that many of you currently are not using. Now is the time for this process to begin.

How can you unleash your personal power in a manner greater than you have experienced in the past? The first and easiest step is by manifesting what you want in life without having to ask for anyone else’s assistance. Most people now feel that they must always seek help in order to achieve what they desire. We assure you that many times this is not necessary.

You possess a mind capable of creating whatever you want through intent alone. There is a simple process that can accomplish this goal. Form a clear picture in your mind of what you desire. Focus and state your intent, either silently or aloud. Finally, project it out with emotional force and conviction. Once you have finished this process, let the matter go, trusting that universal abundance will provide what is for your highest good. It is as simple as that.

When one is able to manifest what is desired, life takes on a very different perspective. First, there is the recognition that one possesses ability far greater than realized. Second, one loses any dependency on others to achieve what is wanted. And third, the recognition grows that unseen energies can be called upon to assist in the manifestation process. By doing so, you will be forming a co-creational relationship with the spiritual elements of the universe.

We do not want to suggest that working with others is unimportant. It can be done, however, with a sense of personal empowerment that expands one’s capabilities exponentially. We ask you to try the process we have described above. Keep your intent general enough so that the universal energies can explore possibilities you have not envisioned. This is what co-creation is all about.

Keep a record of your stated intent. When it has been accomplished, write what the result has been and the date when it occurred. Accepting that you have the power to manifest will be an important stepping stone in your evolutionary development and will contribute to the advancement of the human race on Earth. Being able to manifest what you want will provide the foundation for the next great leap in consciousness.