April 2008 – Reactivating Your Personal Power


We welcome you, our dear friends. We want to express our deep appreciation to those of you who read our monthly transmissions. This phenomenon of receiving information from the realm of spirit instead of from an identified human source is one that is not easy for many to accept. Human beings on the Earth plane focus primarily upon concrete, factual data that is verifiable and can be physically traced to the place from which it has come.

It requires a leap of faith to accept ideas that emanate from a group of entities not seen or known through the human senses. Many people turn away from or discard this kind of information as not valid in the human order of things. It is for this reason that we now honor those of you who find value in the messages we bring to you from a different dimension.

By entering into a relationship with us, you are pioneering a return to earlier times on your planet when there was widespread belief that spiritual planes beyond that of Earth existed. As we have said before and will say again, the single most important human development at the present time is the ability to join, not only to the soul within, but also to all that is unseen in your world and beyond.

Humanity’s ultimate connection is with the Divine Source of all creation. When a person achieves this capability, a profound evolutionary step has been reached, one that contains amazing powers thought to be impossible at the present time. It is as if the voltage of light has increased threefold sending out a beam illuminating many dark corners of existence throughout time and space. Even though it may not be evident, this is an essential goal for humanity at the present time – contrary to what many of you may think.

Most incarnating souls on Earth presently feel that many issues surfacing within their lives are of primary importance. What will be the political future of my country and the world? How will I sustain the financial resources I need? What is the best occupation for me? How can I create positive, loving relationships with those I care about? What can I do to maintain physical, emotional and psychological good health?

These are many of the significant questions about life that surface continuously within the people of Earth, no matter where they live on the planet. We do not mean to imply that the answers to these questions are not of importance; for they are. We sincerely believe that all of you reading our words will be able to deal with these questions and address them to the best of your ability.

What we bring, however, is information that will take you beyond the issues of your mundane lives into the more elevated realm of spirit. This is the role, which we were assigned. You are a spark of the Supreme Being, spun off at the outset of creation to experience all aspects of life within many different dimensions. As you descended more deeply into the realms of matter, you forgot who you were and why you were created.

It is now time for you to awaken from that state of amnesia, lift your heads and connect to your soul essence within. You are an ancient being who has traveled far and wide immersing yourself in many diverse worlds. You have powers and capabilities far beyond what you are aware of at a conscious level. Often you think of yourself as “less than”, when truly you possess a strength and beauty far greater than you can ever imagine.

A new technology for photographing auras, the energy field surrounding the human body, is slowly emerging. Those who have used this technology are awed when they are able to distinguish the depth and extent of the beautiful colors their bodies emit, since they have not been able to see them with their three dimensional sight. As more and more people are gaining the ability to observe their own and other energy fields, this reality is gradually being recognized.

You, as inhabitants of Earth, now must become aware of who you really are. Acknowledge the personal power, which you possess but have forgotten about for eons. Many talents you have gained through a multitude of lifetimes have lain dormant and unused. A clarion call from the Creator is going out into the far reaches of the universe activating all forms of life that have been in a quiescent state. It is now time for everything living to open and flower.

You have the ability to manifest through intent and create whatever you wish. You have the power of healing, both of self and others. You can positively impact your physical environment through projection of your personal energy field. You have the ability to perceive the teeming unseen life on your plane, of which most people are currently unaware. Your auditory capacity has been developed far beyond what you presently are using. And your brain capacity, particularly the right hemisphere, is greatly under utilized.

In the coming months, we will speak about these capabilities in greater depth to reacquaint you with the extent of your personal power and how you can reactivate it. Life on your planet has reached a crucial turning point on its evolutionary path. Humanity is ready to make a giant step forward. Reconnect to your inner spiritual essence through prayer, meditation and attunement. Gather the willpower and take the next step on your journey home!