April 2007 – A Time of Connection


We welcome you, our dear friends, as your planet moves into the spring season for those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the most creative period of the twelve-month cycle since the energy field of Earth is burgeoning with positive life force, imprinting all that exists within its sphere of influence.

Since, however, you reside in a universe predicated on the principle of duality, half of your Earth is experiencing spring; while the other half is in the throes of fall or the winding down portion of the manifestation cycle. We bring this dynamic to your attention so that you can enter consciously into the prevailing energy flow that exists all about you.

We ask that you go within and attune to the growth and expansion that is occurring in each nook and cranny of your world. The important thing for you to know is that you can utilize and draw from that energy to create and enhance every aspect of your life. It is as if the Source of All That Is gives you a new beginning once every twelve months so that you can add to and enhance any area of life you may choose.

Have you really thought in a more expanded way about the process of growth you see in the spring of the year? You can observe the leaves appearing on the trees, flowers blooming in profusion and the greening of your world. This process of Earth’s renewal is taken for granted by most as the occurrence of a new season to be lived in almost the same way as the previous one.

It is the rare person who attunes to Earth in a direct and connected way, drawing upon the unique energy field the planet is creating. As the cycles of life unfold, every season brings a totally different dynamic, which provides a new experience for the evolving soul. Most people assume that each spring is exactly like the ones that have occurred in the past. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The most sophisticated cultures of ancient times understood that every day, month, season and year had their own individual spiritual essence. They devised systems whereby they could identify and define what the basic element of this essence was. They also developed practices, which they would perform, attuning to the vibrations the planet was emitting at that point in time.

In this manner, incarnating souls were able to enter into a co-creative relationship with Mother Earth, one that has been forgotten in this present day. They were keenly aware that they were here to experience the human condition with all of its wide variety and diversity. They also knew that the energy of Earth provided the matrix within which they would evolve; and so they consciously joined with this great being, drawing from her vibrational field to create the experiences that would enhance their soul growth.

We speak of this now so that this ancient knowledge can be regained and put into practice again. For an extensive time during this cycle, which the Hindus call the Kali Yuga, the people of Earth have been disconnected and separated from the knowledge that they are on a spiritual journey, upheld and supported by the planet on which they reside. Only a very few have kept this vital information alive until the time when the ancient knowledge would be released again to be put into widespread practice.

This time has now arrived. We ask that each day, you set aside some moments to be quiet and go within. Try to release thoughts of your mundane existence and become silent. Attune to your Mother Earth. Take into your awareness the energy she is releasing at the time. Consciously absorb it into every pore of your being. Even if you can not identify its basic quality, see it permeating your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Then make the commitment to manifest this vibrational essence in your life.

We ask that you perform this simple but so profound act each day. It can be done in whatever amount of time best for you. Then, at a later date, reflect upon how life has unfolded for you during the period you have been performing these attunements. Have you noticed that you have grown in the awareness of who you really are and why you are here? You have entered into a direct and connected relationship with the planet on which you reside.

You will be taking a step of monumental proportions if you do as we ask. You will expand your soul awareness into the consciousness of your planet, which will eventually lead to interaction with many forms of life found throughout your galaxy and universe. The first step in this evolutionary journey of the soul is to honor your own spiritual nature and then connect with the Spirit of your physical plane. Once this has been accomplished, the sky is the limit as you would say in your world. So let us begin!