April 2006 – Developing Personal Power


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we begin the fourth transmission for the year 2006, a year we have entitled a time for consolidation of power. We have spoken to you about the great shift that has started in the affairs of those living on the Earth plane and how all individuals are facing a fundamental choice regarding their commitment to peace and unity as a higher form of human expression. We have discussed in length the destructive and creative aspects of power.

It is now time for us to address the process individuals must face during this period of power consolidation – local, national and international. It has become readily evident that forces are coalescing and consolidating politically, economically, socially and in the religious arena with a force unseen in recent times. This powerful focusing in so many divergent areas is occurring now because it is time to prepare the template or blueprint for the next phase of human evolution.

The intent of this blueprint is to create a higher level of human expression on the planet. Therefore circumstances are appearing everywhere that mirror the issues needing to be addressed. The environmental health of Earth is paramount in the minds of many. The destructive aspects of conflict and warfare are causing people throughout the world to recognize the need to eradicate strife as a form of human interaction. The disparity between rich and poor is causing more and more individuals to reconsider some of their basic economic assumptions.

As the inhabitants of Earth look at the seemingly chaotic events surfacing all about them, the primary question seems to be how to deal with so many challenging questions. For this reason, we shall focus in on the primary necessity facing humanity at this time – that of developing one’s own personal power in order to address the numerous issues rising in every facet of life.

Many souls incarnating on Earth have been experiencing an inability to move forward and are feeling stuck and unable to accomplish what needs to be done in one or more areas of their existence. For them, this condition is most important in regards to their spiritual development. They are still living in the human archetype of sacrifice and suffering, which has been in the ascendancy for the past two thousand years. They need to recognize that this is the reason they cannot move forward since they are meant to turn down a new path – one more joyful and healthy in all ways.

This new type of life experience occurs when individuals perform service for their fellow human beings while, at the same time, living a life of balance and wholeness. Now you, as a child of Earth, are at a place of personal development where you can sculpt your path in a positive, constructive way in contrast to being a victim buffeted by the circumstances that affect you adversely. In order to start this process, we ask that you identify what in life you enjoy doing and want to continue and what you do not want to do.

This simple step will move you out of the old paradigm of the victim-martyr mode and will introduce you to a new stance of personal power and service to the Divine Creator – that of a child of the Godhead playing in the fields of matter to bring forth the light of spirit. Establish a positive intent in regards to what in life is important to you and do it – understanding that what ultimately is for the highest good might not necessarily unfold as you would see or expect.

We would like to repeat again the message we gave in Dreaming a New World regarding the development of personal power. It applies now more than ever during this period ,of great change. In order to develop personal power, it is essential that each individual becomes strong and self-sufficient in all ways. This is not to say you cannot love and be loved by others with whom you are in relationship. But it is essential to remain whole keeping intact a strong personal integrity.

Personal power is held within each being but is received also from a higher source. Recognize the source of this energy and dedicate yourself to the higher good. In other words, live in a more elevated state of purpose, intent and attunement. When this state is reached, you become a transcended being, far beyond what is currently experienced from a limited egoic view, serving the will of the Divine.

Recognize the choices and commitments you have made. Organize your life so that this path can be lived in the full richness of the human condition, participating, enjoying and even reveling in the many variations of spirit playing in the fields of matter. Know at a deep level of being who you are, what you are here to do, and then harness the personal power needed to manifest the service you are here to perform.

Know that human life on this planet ebbs and flows, failing and stumbling, learning and growing. In this beautiful dance of spirit, humanity never stops persevering upward toward the goal of reunion with All That Is. This is why you must always believe in the innate goodness of choices you may make. Everything contributes to the growth of wisdom, no matter how negative it might appear.

When you reach acceptance of what we have just said, peace and faith is gained for all that unfolds in life. No guilt, regret, pain, or dismay can enter this state and destroy its inner serenity. Remember that you are a spark of the Creator, here to play and grow and learn in the fields of matter. This is your birthright, children of Earth. It is a beautiful one indeed. Is it not?