About the Author

For over twenty years, Nancy Van Domelen has been in contact with a group soul identifying itself as the Lightbringers. At their request, she has written three books: Dreaming a New World, The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home, and A Spark of the Divine. For seven years, she has offered monthly transmissions from the Lightbringers on her website. These monthly messages from the realm of spirit provide a much needed spiritual perspective for the current events of our times.

Her earlier life gave no indication of this unusual role she would play in later years. She was born and raised in the Midwest, where she attended a parochial grade school, public high school and graduated from a state university. She married, had four children and is the grandmother of eight. In her professional life, she was a high school teacher, a social worker, director of a private preschool and administrator of a statewide nutritional program for family day care homes.

In 1973, she and her husband with their family moved west to the Rocky Mountains. When her youngest son was killed in a mountain climbing accident in Colorado in 1979, her life began to evolve in a totally different manner. She withdrew from all public activity, directing her focus inward. Then a psychic friend told her that she had the latent ability to contact spiritual realms and transcribe what she learned.

She began the process, which has continued to this day. The first contact came from her son and then eventually from the Lightbringers, a soul group, who provided great assistance and healing for the trauma and loss she had suffered in her life. Initially, the transmissions were purely personal in nature, but over time they became broader in scope, addressing wider human and societal issues. In her three books and monthly transmissions, she presents the Lightbringers’ messages in a direct and compelling way. Their spiritual information enriches and expands the reader’s life in countless ways.

During the past decade, Nancy has had many different speaking engagements in Colorado, and in 2011 she provided a keynote talk at the Arlington Institute in West Virginia. She also has presented consciousness raising information from the Lightbringers on TV and radio.