APRIL 2012 – Expanding How You View Yourself and Your World


We welcome you, our dear friends. For dear friends you are to us who reside on the realm of spirit. Bonds between those on the spiritual plane and the inhabitants of Earth are expanding daily. This is as it should be since these times in which you live are preparatory for the new age about to begin. The Mayans understood that forces assisting the soul’s growth and development unfolded within specific segments of time. They used terms that described the key elements the inhabitants of Earth would be experiencing within a given period.

The Mayans called the age of 5,125 years that is just ending the Age of Movement and Change. We ask you to reflect upon what you know of the human condition within this period. The thrust of development during these years has been one of constant movement and repetitive change all over the surface of Earth. What is the significance of this kind of human experience, you may ask?

Constant movement and change provide continuous aeration and readjustment for those residing within its specific energy field. When the affairs of humans are static and unmoving, little growth and development can occur. Whereas, when incarnating souls on Earth’s plane move and change because of outer circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to discard characteristics that no longer serve them and seek new ones that will prove more suitable.

According to the Mayans, movement and change have been the primary life experience for incarnating souls on Earth during the past five thousand years. That time has come to an end. What will be the theme the Mayans ascribe to the next five thousand years? One interpretation names the new age the Spirit of All Things. Is that not a profound concept? When the beauty of spirit is seen in all life, a major expansion of consciousness will occur for those living on Earth.

Identifying the existence of spirit in every aspect of life has been our major assignment. We continually speak about the unseen realms and beings that inhabit your universe. We want you to expand your perception of yourself and your world. You are a mass of waves and particles that have solidified around an essence of spirit. You have existed since the beginning of time and will continue to do so.

You are meant to experience every aspect of creation. You are power, beauty and grace. You have forgotten this fact, however, and see yourselves through a glass darkly. Now is the time for you to remove this veil and let the light of spirit shine though. The cycle of time that is ending has broken up old rigid forms and practices, freeing you to move in ways that are wondrous indeed.

We ask you to develop a picture in your mind of you leaving one state of being and entering a new one that is greatly expanding in all ways. Whatever your own personal visualization is, refer to it in quiet moments of meditation or in active periods of your daily life. Let your personal mantra be “I am a spiritual being of great beauty and power”. Once you can act from this center of belief, your life will unfold in ways you cannot even begin to envision.

To consciously recognize that you are entering an age where the spirit of all things is the prevailing reality, you will need to develop a new world view. No longer will you see with a three dimensional perspective. You will be entering the realm of multidimensionality. To do so, it will be necessary to move beyond your current state of awareness and see the vast diversity found within the many dimensions of time and space.

How does one accomplish this? A few specific things will begin the process. First and foremost, you need to truly and deeply believe that you are a spiritual being whose soul essence inhabits a physical body. Know that you have a direct connection to Source and the many dimensions found within the universe. Have the conviction that you possess the power to manifest whatever you need far beyond that which you currently are doing.

Strengthen and refine your physical body. It is the vehicle carrying your soul essence. Stabilize your emotional nature and hone your mind force. Become the being of beauty and power you truly are. You are a spirit infused child of the Creator. Begin each day affirming this awareness and carry it with you into every situation you encounter. Also, believe that every person you interact with is also a child of the Creator and should be accorded the recognition and respect for that of a fellow soul.

Incorporate spiritual practices into your life on a regular daily basis. They will effect change at a molecular level and elevate your consciousness. Meditate, pray, be creative and attune to nature. Seek out music that is uplifting and move your body in rhythmic and flowing ways. Add grace and fluidity to your physical, emotional and mental state. They will assist you in developing the ability to move into coming times with the conviction that spirit truly is found in all things.
The Lightbringers