July 2012 – The Five Steps of Manifestation

We welcome you, our dear friends. For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, the beauty of life is blossoming all about you. However, the promise of growth and expansion abounding in the world of nature contains a discordant and troubling note. There is turbulence at key spots throughout the planet, which is reflected in unnatural weather events and disturbances causing extreme stress for many people.

The United States has experienced drought, raging wildfires, tornadoes and massive flooding far beyond what is considered normal for the year. These extreme weather conditions are a reflection of a turbulence that exists at the level of spirit and is manifesting in the natural world in a variety of ways. The individual incidents of unusual weather are not random events having no underlying cause.

All life exists within a unified field. Everything is connected and interrelated. Nothing exists in isolation. When one accepts this truth, every emerging event in life takes on a different tone. There are two primary reasons for the destructive weather conditions that the people around the globe have been experiencing. The first rests with the spiritual essence that inhabits and guides all life on Earth.

This great being has been called by many names down through the ages. We choose to call her Gaia. She is in a current state of turmoil for a number of reasons. She has experienced many cycles of transformation, which result in the raising of her spiritual vibration. When she reaches the peak of one of these cycles, all life on her surface is impacted in a direct and powerful way.

Part of what is occurring to Gaia now is related to the peak of another cycle of spiritual expansion. A second reason for the destructive weather events surfacing all over the globe can be found in the thoughts, words and actions of those living on Gaia’s surface. Human beings emit a powerful vortex of electromagnetic energy, which if negative creates a wide variety of turbulent weather conditions.

Very few people recognize the interrelationship between their thoughts and actions and weather conditions on the planet. We speak of this matter now because it is extremely important for you to become aware of the personal responsibility you have in affecting the weather in your area. For many years, we have spoken about the symbiotic relationship incarnating souls have with the planet on which they reside.

Never has this recognition been of more crucial importance. It is now time for you to take some personal responsibility if excessive weather is manifesting in your area. Consider carefully the events that are unfolding in the human condition around you. We ask that you begin to recognize how the actions of people in your vicinity may have a correlation to the weather there.

In our latest book, A Spark of the Divine, we discuss in great detail the transformation that is occurring on Earth through the primary elements of fire and water. In order to flow with the turbulence of the times in a positive way, it will be necessary to see yourself as a contributing element within the unified field all around you. Know that you can make a positive impact on the weather in your area.

How can you do this? You can accomplish this in two ways. First, continue to divest yourself of any negativity that you are carrying within your energy field – physically, emotionally or mentally. Secondly, visually project positive healing energy out from your spiritual core into the natural environment around you. We wish that you could see the powerful effect you can have on your environment by activating this simple exercise.

You can be a transmitter of healing energies through this simple exercise we have just given you. As the Great Purification increases on Earth, you will need to develop the spiritual power of manifestation in order to modify and change destructive forces. You can become a positive creator through the use of focused will. You need to recognize that you have this ability and make a commitment to developing it.

The power to manifest is an essential skill. There are five steps in the manifestation process. The first requires that you identify with mental intent what you wish to manifest. Secondly, envision your intent in a complete and comprehensive way by forming a clear picture in your mind. The third step requires forcefully projecting out what you wish to create into the universe with the certainty that it will manifest in its own right time.

The fourth step is an extremely significant one and is often misunderstood. It involves letting it go of the visualized intent with the trust that spiritual forces will assist you in accomplishing your goal. If you continue to think, worry or reflect upon your intent, you will weaken its force and prevent it from coming to a positive fruition.

The fifth step is the most important one of all. By recognizing that you have been able to successfully create what you willed, it will be readily apparent that you have established a bond between yourself and the world of spirit. Sit and absorb this understanding knowing that this bond is always there for you to access. It is a profound realization indeed, is it not?

Activating the Law of Manifestation will be a powerful ability essential in coping with the times ahead. Accept that you can exist within an interactive force field on the third dimensional plane while directly impacting physical matter through the power of your own personal manifestation. If you can embrace and affect positively the massive transformation happening in your world, you will be able to utilize the spiritual energies needed to ascend to the next level on the spiral of life.