January 2013 – A Fundamental Shift in Consciousness


We welcome you, our dear friends. It truly is a momentous time for us to be in contact with each other. This month’s transmission begins the eighth year we have communicated with the Earth plane through this particular source. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning of the journey; while others have joined us along the way. Wherever that has been for you, the contact between you and us is an important step in your evolutionary development whether you realize it or not.

It is to your credit that you have been open and receptive to information from the many realms of spirit. We are a soul group that provides knowledge from a variety of multidimensional planes to expand consciousness. We have existed in many forms since the beginning of creation, always adhering to our primary purpose.

We now join with you in ushering in a new period of existence on Earth. As we have said before, many cycles of varying time have come to an end in 2012. One helpful frame of reference has been the Mayan calendar, which showed the end to an age of 5,125 years in 2012. In their world view, a new 5,125 year cycle began this month. From a spiritual perspective, other cycles of longer duration ended last month also.

During these last seven years of contact with you, we have spoken often about the energy patterns found in cycles. Since incarnating souls on Earth are at the beginning of many new cycles, it is important to give you a spiritual perspective so that you can better understand what you are presently experiencing. Before anything new is created, it exists in the realm of possibility awaiting the time to manifest.

As cycles begin, new and different energy patterns appear and take hold. Fundamental shifts in consciousness accompany the emergence of every new cycle. This last sentence is so important that we shall repeat it for emphasis. Fundamental shifts in consciousness accompany the emergence of every new cycle. This is what each living soul on Earth is starting to experience – a fundamental shift in consciousness.

The energy field supporting life in the previous cycle is crumbling and diminishing at a rapid rate. The negative vibration upholding conflict, violence and lack of unity will no longer be able to flourish as it has in the past. Over time, the light of spirit will help dissipate the darkness that has existed in the human condition for so long. This change will not occur overnight and will require much effort on the part of those living on Earth in the centuries ahead.

We give you this rather abstract information to assist you in understanding how this new cyclical energy is affecting you at the present time. First and foremost, many of you will be experiencing the fact that in some area of your life, your previous way of addressing certain issues no longer seems to be valid. This unsettling new reality can cause confusion, uncertainty and/or depression.

We want to assure you that if you are experiencing this state, you are in the flow of a new form of multidimensional consciousness, and we congratulate you for being open enough to discern this. The inhabitants of Earth have been at a crossroads and are taking a turn in a new direction. The old ways will no longer serve you.

It is time to let go and explore the possibility of a new view of yourself and how you live your life. Intriguing horizons beckon. Fresh possibilities abound, but it takes courage, determination and trust to embark upon them. Those of you who have been on the spiritual path for some time may feel that you have lost your underpinnings and are adrift. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At a spiritual level, you are releasing life patterns that no longer serve you, but you have not made the transference to a fresh and yet untried way. Changing course takes a tremendous shift in energy. Visualize a car speeding down the freeway at 70 miles an hour and needing to stop and make a turn in direction. Once the brakes are applied, how many feet will the car go before it comes to a stop? This analogy is a perfect reflection of what it takes to change life patterns. It does not occur immediately.

The entire planet is in the throes of this process. Old ways of functioning, although loud and insistent, seem to be losing their vitality and potency. A powerful urge to move in a new direction is surfacing all over the globe. There may be confusion as to what that direction may be, but there is a growing certainty that a better way needs to emerge. It requires incarnating souls to determine what it is and embark upon it.

Our words apply to countries, cities, towns, groups and individuals. This new cycle will focus on the spirit inherent in all things. This will be a radical shift from the mundane, worldly view that most people currently have. There will be a growing recognition that all life possesses a spiritual base, which infuses and activates everything that exists. Once people recognize this fact, they will be able to tap into this inexhaustible source, and their view of reality will be totally changed.

And so we welcome you. Let us join hands, figuratively of course, and walk up this new road together. Is there not an adventurous aspect to embarking on an unknown path? In the coming months, we will be bringing you information that will help you understand and see more clearly what you are dealing with on an energetic level. Know and trust that you are loved and always will be supported by many on the realm of spirit.

The Lightbringers