Nancy Van Domelen began receiving channeled writings from the realm of spirit several years after the death of her son in 1979. At first her written contacts were only from him, but eventually they came from a group of souls calling themselves the Lightbringers. Their messages expand consciousness and heighten spiritual awareness, explaining in clear and profound ways what is happening to the earth and our human species.

Nancy has published three metaphysical and inspirational books, Dreaming a New World, The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home and the newly released Spark of the Divine. They were received from the Lightbringers over a twelve year period. She also has offered monthly spiritual transmissions from 2006 to present, which are archived on this website.

The Lightbringers say that human beings are taking a great step forward on their spiritual journey. It is a time for healing, growth and substantive change. Personal transformation will occur when we live within a spiritual context and see ourselves with clarity and truth. The Lightbringers bring wise and loving insights to a vast array of topics that will assist this process.

lightbringers-symbol3From The Lightbringers

“We ask the inhabitants of Earth to connect with the long-forgotten knowledge that you are citizens of the universe who came here to take part in a divine experiment. You were selected because of the great power and beauty you possess, but you have forgotten who you are. Now you must remember and activate the divine part of yourselves that has lain dormant for so long.”

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—The Lightbringers